Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Goose Whisperer, I Am Not.

Let's go on a drive, shall we?!

"Where should we go?" you ask?

Let's go to Canyon Lake! It's only an hour and a half away.....a nice drive with the family....

.....through the Texas Hill Country.....

awwww.....geese! Ryan likes the geese! The geese like Ryan! See? They're letting her pet them!
Amy wants to feed the geese, too!

The geese do not want the bread Amy offers. No. Instead, they'd like a bite of ham.

A large bite of ham.

The goose says not to give her that crappy bread anymore.

Jesse feeds the deer. They like 'crappy bread'.

Hmm. Maybe they don't.

"Did you see what they tried to feed us? Sad, isn't it? White bread. Tsk. No nutritional value at all."

Adrian, Ryan, and Alex don't mind white bread. However, they are not thrilled at the prospect of sitting on a broken down tree in the woods while Mom gets a picture.

Amy and Jesse don't mind the tree. They like the woods. They tell the kids that homicidal hobos live in the woods. The kids turn and run back to the picnic area leaving Amy and Jesse to laugh and get 5 minutes to themselves to walk hand in hand through the woods.

.......and it's sunset. Time to go home. Let's have a goose dinner.


  1. you have a very nice looking family Amy!

    sounds like you had a great time


  2. You're hilarious doll!

    that bite looks like it hurt like hell! That's why I'm scared of those buggers.

    Looks like y'all had a great time :)

  3. Ouch! Bad goose!

    "Homicidal hoboes." Heehee! Good one!


  4. Geese are evil. I didn't know that you were unaware of this piece of information, or I would have told you. They are like satan, only pooping much more frequently. I think. I really don't know how often satan poops, but geese are evil and nasty.

  5. Ouch! That goose bite had to hurt!

    I don't like Geese. They always chase me! LOL

    Have a good rest of your week.

  6. Ack! Why are the ones with the funny shaped heads always so mean?

    My goose friends are much kinder than that. Then again, I gave them a chocolate doughnut, which I tossed from the safety of my car!

  7. I am a huge lover of foie gras and I feel no guilt whatsoever. I have been bitten by a whole lot of geese and foie gras is my revenge.

  8. Oh Amy you do make me laugh. I loved this. What a wonderful picture of you and Jesse together. Your children are beautiful as well. You are so blessed!

  9. Holy Shit!
    Amy, I hope you whapped the dumb ingrate on the head!!!
    And don't any of you PETA-type people give me any shit for saying that. It's *obviously* NOT a "defense-less little creature" but a mad-dog vicious (and thankfully tooth-less) git!!!

  10. I loved this. Well, except the goose biting you. He clearly has anger issues.

  11. With the exception of the goose bite it looks like it was a great trip.

  12. I would like a goose dinner. Actually, I don't care anything about eating the geese, but I'd like to be rid of them. We've had three of the ugliest damned geese terrorizing our neighborhood for months. You can drive right up to them as if you were going to run 'em over, and they just stand there like, "Really? You do know what an awful mess I'd make of the grill of your car, right? BRING IT ON."

    I hates them. The dog is scared of them.

    Also, I love those shorts. Where'dja get them??

  13. Chuckle.
    My Mum was bitten by a camel once.
    And my sister in law was headbutted by a moose.
    Not all in the same day though. That would just be silly.

  14. Texas has hills? Who knew? Ouch!
    Great pics of your family and beautiful sunset.


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