Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Should Have Just Had The Tequila

I like trying wines.

That being said, I am NOT a wine connoisseur. (duh?)

I just buy stuff and try it.

Blue Nun white? Really good.

Mad Housewife merlot? Also really good.

PKNT merlot?

uh. it a bad thing when you take a sip and your eyeball twitches?

Conclusion? Epic Fail.


  1. Sweetie, at least you can drink. I get pyscho when I get even a sip of vodka. One screwdriver and I once told a guy to go blank himself in front of Gram!

  2. i drink wine... when all the bud is gone and im too drunk to make it to the store. i call it putting on my red blanket

  3. We like our wine, and we'll buy really inexpensive reds and stash them away for a few years. They eventually get very mellow and tasty. Don't know what to tell you about the eye-twitching...I'd guess that it's not a good thing. :)

  4. I don't like red wine. However, I got some reisling ... riesling? However it's spelled... got it at World Market and it. is. so. good.

    Now, I do not have a sophisticated palate. I like sweet drinks, so when I try red wine, I pretty much already figure I won't like it (honest to god commentary from me, regarding a $40 bottle of wine: It smells like barbeque sauce.... does it need to be so pungent and smokey? I could put this crap on ribs).

    However, the riesling? Delish.

    Or, I could just have a Mike's Hard Limeade and be done with it. :)

  5. Have you tried Franzia Rhine? It's in a box. It's cheap. It's good.

  6. LOL...yea, probably not great when your eye starts twitching. :)

    Thanks for the recommendations though.

    Here's one from me...avoid Gallo Pinot Noir. Eeek!

    ::think grape flavored urine::


  7. Hi Amy, I love red wine but unfortunately I cannot drink it because of my migraines. The only think I can tell you, as I come from a very good wine region, is that cheap wine tend to be filled with preservatives and you could easily get some allergic reactions, not to mention poisoning...Pay a couple of $ more and you'll also have a better taste. Ciao. Antonella

  8. LMAO!

    yeah, eye twitching and pucker face is a no-no for wine!

    Maybe it was corked? (air leaks in through the cork, turns it rancid) ...if it tastes like vinegar it was just a bad bottle...if it simply tastes like donkey ass, it's a bad wine!

  9. hmmmm that eye twitch thang...def BAD. Hey, Cindy and I have a whole bottle of Patron Silver and a whole bottle of Patron Gold :) have had it a year or so and it's not even been touched ROFL. We are BIG drinkers here (snort, so not so).
    Reisling, I like ~ but you can get really dry Reis or the sweeter Reis, I like the sweeter Reis. My favorite red wine and yes, I know this may invoke a eye roll but it is lumbrusco. It's popularity is coming back from what I hear and some of the bigger winery's are investing in it, it's not just Riunite or Cello anymore LOL.
    Hugs and Blessings,

  10. Yes eye twitching might not be a good sign LOL. This reminds me that on our honeymoon we went to an Amish wine tasting factory back in Ohio and it was divine! We tried all kinds of wines and it was a nice way to celebrate our vows. We stayed at a bed and breakfast and it had a fireplace and whirlpool tub!! Need I say more? LOL
    Lisa in KY

  11. You gave me some good wine suggestions! Like you, I'm a tequila fan (PATRON, baby) and fall short on buying wine... only because I know what I like but can't recall it. Crazy, I know.

    Anyway... maybe one of these days you and I will go out for a glass a wine when you are in my neck of the woods.

    Or tequila.

    Or both.


  12. We like Australian wines. Problem with your wine is the bottles are much too pretty! Guess they ran out of money for grapes!

  13. That is one of Carrie's fav expresions, "Epic fail." :)


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