Friday, April 24, 2009

I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing...

Adrian wanders down and says "I'm gonna get some coke, okay?!"

Yeah, sure, the Breakfast of for me.

I'm still on Cup #1 of my beloved coffee, so this is when the kids could ask for a tattoo and I'd say yes.

Then, Adrian says "Why do they call it cola?"

Imagine the little exclamation point going off over the top of my head. A homeschooling lesson! Yeah! Check me out.....

"Well, cola is made from the cola nut.....blah blah blah......etc.,........etc...........and Coca Cola used to be made with cocaine in it.......which is why it was called 'Coca'........blah blah blah......"

He looks at me and says "They should have left the cocaine in it. I bet they would be selling alot more........"


"That's it. You're not allowed to hang out with the neighborhood hoodlums anymore."

(Ironically, I really don't think he knows what cocaine is or what it looks like....or what it does. The boy is fairly clueless. He's 10. All he cares about is if he can get to Level 7 of some anime video game. That being said, one time we were watching Cops, and some guy had a crack rock hidden in his mouth, and the cops was there trying to pry the dude's mouth open to get it, and Adrian said "That's gross. Who would want to use it after it's been in somebody's mouth!?" My poor boy.....if he only knew.)

Note: Am I dating myself with that Title? Hee...


  1. That Coke commercial brings back memories...They should of left the cocaine in? As if we aren't already addicted to it without the additive (winks).

    When they are no longer clueless then we worry...(Hugs)Indigo

  2. Wait...I don't get the title. What am I missing? LOL

    Don't you love it when kids ask questions you actually know the answers to? Always makes me feel so smart. :)


  3. When I was I kid i used to drink lemonade but really didnt know it had anything to do with lemons, i just thought that was the name of the drink.

  4. Next lesson: the song "Lola" and its reference to Coca Cola. Discuss. ;)

  5. LOL.
    Pey sat and told the DARE (drug abuse resistance education) officer all about 'drugs'...he told her she watches too much Cops. Seriously!


    I'm just impressed that you could recall that information while still on cup one!

  6. I'm sorry Amy, but I have to say it...
    I think he really does know.
    He's in Middle School for god's sake!
    He at least has a basic idea.
    Don't kid yourself.


  7. in perfect harmony..I'd like to buy the world a coke and keep me company?

    WTH is the last line??

    Adrian sounds like my nine year old (the one that I thought could pass as his twin) he would totally say the same thing.

  8. I used to love that commercial when I was a kid. I used to sing the song over and over again! Love your tales about your kids. You have a great family! XXOO

  9. hahaha love the kids and what they say...

  10. LOL I knew there was a reason I have always preferred coke over pepsi.... LOL
    Lisa in KY

  11. are dating yourself with that title. :)

  12. I have read humpteen other entries and I'm just comin' back to say this song is STILL stuck in my head. Thanx. ;-)


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