Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm Not Very Often Speechless....

There are not very many moments when I am speechless.

I'm sure you all are shocked by that admission.

Anyway, we'll set the scene, alright?

Thursday. 11:30 PM

I'm in my bedroom.....critically eyeing myself in the mirror.

I should note I'm wearing my bra and panties.

I said to my husband "Do you think it's time for me to start buying one piece swimsuits?"

As he was headed towards the shower, he stopped and glanced at me for a few moments and said.....

"I think it's time for a one piece and shorts."

......and proceeded on in to the bathroom, leaving me standing there speechless.


  1. Hey, he's gonna get a point where his belly makes it so some other parts of him are invisable. You might want to remind him. Oh, and smack him in the back of the head. Also remind him if he's going to be that critical nudity might not be a thing your into anymore either. That'll shut him right up. Men! Sheesh!

  2. I;m speechless too! I think you're a beautiful woman and I would die to have your figure.

  3. men suck. I think you are beautiful.

  4. Was he attempting to make a joke? If so, he didn't succeed!

  5. Oh no he didn't! He actually went there? Doesn't he know he's just suposed to tell you you are beautiful? Men! Geez! BTW, my hubs is just as non PC, I don't ask him questions like that anymore ;p

  6. Eegads!

    And he still walks among us?

  7. let me apologize for insensitive husbands everywhere!

  8. Ok ~ go find yourself a Bruja honey... time to Wank the Tango into place. If Cindy said such a thing to me (she wouldn't) She'd be finding a hotel to sleep in for a month or so. I, personally, think you are a beautiful woman hon and don't let ANYONE attempt to or tell you otherwise. (Huggin' you up) Love, Teresa

    I would say Men blech and make a horrid face ... sadly women can be just as cruel. (sigh)

  9. Oh noooooooooooooooo he didn't?

  10. Speechless is a very kind way of putting it! xv

  11. What on earth do you want a swimsuit for anyway?
    You don't go swimming do you?
    Ewwww germs!

  12. Uh. He BETTER be talking about *himself*!!!
    And I agree with D:
    Smack him in the back of the head!

  13. Well, you did ask!!! I would say two words to him . . . Cut off. LOL!
    LL CoolWhip

  14. Throw something at that boy's head for me, will ya?

    A brick would work nicely, methinks.

  15. Want me to smack him in tha back of tha head fer ye? I shore will!!!!


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