Wednesday, April 8, 2009

People Are People. Except If You're A Spoiled, Slightly Broken Tortoise.

Y'all know I don't talk about religion much, because I have my own business, and I don't mind who believes what, nor do I judge (much) about what other people want to do, think, or believe. I'm easy like that. Unless you're into animal sacrifices or something, and then I might quietly tuck your animal under my arm and back away from you.

That being said, there's really no reason for these two blogs posts I read and liked, other than that I read them, liked them, and wanted to share them.


Neither are preachy posts (y'all know me......) so no worries for those of you who don't roll with Jesus. They're just good reads.


In other stuff........

Sparky seems to be doing pretty alright. When he came back from the vet, he was a little doped up on pain killers and anitbiotics, and just wanted to sleep. I can't blame him, though. It was a traumatic event for the poor lil guy. Ryan woke up every couple of hours all night to check up on him. We all did, actually. Then, yesterday, for his morning feeding, he just did not want to eat. That was alright, because who wants to eat after you're coming down from a morphine high? But, by dinner time, he still was not interested. Ryan even made him some romaine 'soup'. No dice. He was walking around as well as could be expected, but his lack of food was getting concerning.

Moving on to this morning, Ryan got out a grape and a strawberry. His favorites. Now, we knew if he didn't go for that, we were gonna be in some trouble, because not eating a for a day or so is fine. Not drinking for a day or so is what would be really bad.

So. I thought I would take a picture for you all.

I'm thinking we don't have to worry about him not eating. The spoiled brat just didn't want his lettuce. LOL


  1. Does the tortoise do any tricks?
    p.s. If you are a tortoise lover I highly recommend Belgian Waffling blog. She makes costumes for her tortoise and she is hysterical.

  2. Whew, I was worried about the little guy, and anxious to hear if he was going to be okay. Sounds like Operation Tortoise Watch was a success, and he made it through the night and is getting his strength back. Yay!

    Hugs, Beth

  3. Hi Amy,
    Great news regarding Sparky. The poor thing ... I'm having trouble visualizing a tortoise on morphine ...

  4. Thanks for the cyber shout out, Amy. Much appreciated.

    And thankful, too, that Sparky is on the mend. Those tortoises are tough, aren't they?

  5. So glad he's ok! Turtles are unbelieveably amazing little creatures. Since you have one I can say, and I'm sure you'll agree, that they have SO much personality. People that have never had one just don't get it.

  6. OK, I'm glad he's good. It's a prayer answered. Good golly, I'm happy.

    There, is that enough props?

    Now, to be me:

    ROFLMBO! The thought of a finicky tortoise just cracked me the hell up! My niece goes to thanksgiving dinner for the deviled eggs and noodles. My kids "aren't hungry" unless there is cake involved. A turtle? Finicky? ROFL! I'm snorting over here.

  7. I am so glad to hear that your tortoise is doing alright. I was really worried about him! Looks like he is really enjoying that strawberry! Off now to check out your blog suggestions!


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