Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook (a day late)

For Today... April 21st (because I'm a day late)

Outside my window... it's sunny and hot. Ugh....so....so....hot.

I am thinking... that I want to go shopping. Unfortunately, shopping requires money. Meh.

From the learning rooms... yeah.....reading comp is still a big thing right now.

I am thankful for... my kids actually enjoying spending time with us. We 'camped out' in the backyard last night in preparation for a real camping trip, and the kids said it was fun.

From the kitchen... I need to do some baking. Also, if somebody wants to come fix my dishwasher, that would be great, thanks.

I am wearing... a red penoir and high heels.

I am reading... nothing. My brain is tired.

I am hoping... I get a nap later...

I am creating... well.....rather, I'm thinking of creating. Soap. My girlie, Em, makes soap. I want to make some, too.....especially since I'm all 'wah wah.....I have sensitive skin...'.

I am hearing... Eduardo from Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends. He's my favorite. LOL

Around the house... this house is in a state of perpetual mess. I really should just come to terms with it, shouldn't I?

One of my favorite things... is going out to eat. Who's picking me up?

A few plans for the rest of the week... are....I.....uh......what?

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Mr. 'I-think-I-am-a-lap-dog'.

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  1. A red peignoir and high heels, eh? Would you be offended if I said I'm a tiny bit skeptical? ;)

  2. With all the mexican food you all eat I'm suprised any of them are lying in the positions they are.

  3. What? No pearls? Is it casual (Monday) Tuesday?

  4. Have a good evening! Don't forget to take those high heels off and relax!

  5. Pearls!??

    Yes. I shall wear my pearls when I make laundry detergent tomorrow.


  6. Yes, because we all sit around in red peignoir's and red heels. LOL

    Actually, mine are pink.

    That picture is too cute.

    And I'm heading to Outback Steakhouse. Wanna join me?


  7. I would have taken you to dinner. Ever had dinner with a butler :-0?
    Maybe your kids like being with you because you've formed a relationship based on mutual trust & respect. You are a pretty cool mom. And you feed them.
    Camping. Like pine resin? That sticks to my stockings. No can do.

  8. Oh, I would love to have you over to dinner, that would be so much fun. I love the picture! Everyone looks so cosy!

  9. You're welcome to my house for dinner anytime! :)

  10. Aaw. The 100 lb lap dog is the very best.

  11. I love to read these - always fascinating!

  12. Oooh, soap! Melt-and-pour or the hard core stuff?

    I love making soap...there's something very therapeutic about it, especially when you mix in herbs and essential oils.

    I'd love to know how it turned out!

  13. Hahahahah, Mary Jane thinks she is a lap dog too. Funny.

  14. Okay, I'm curious. Emily talks about making laundry soap, you talk about making soap. Spill it...laundry soap especially is out of this world on pricing unless you buy the cheap brands. :(

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