Saturday, April 25, 2009

Suckage On So Many Levels

Pollen counts and temps:

I hate my life.

In other suckitude.....
y'all know my in laws live in Mexico..... and y'all know that the border cops are not exactly the most trusted people in the world.....

Some guy calls my in laws and my MIL answers and the guy says "'s your favorite nephew from the states! How are you?!"

She's like "Uhhhhhh Memo?"

"Ya! But.....Tia....I got stopped at the border 'cause I was coming to visit everybody over there. They said they want money because I don't have the right paperwork or something...."

Then later, he calls again, saying the border police want to talk to them and the 'border patrol' guy says they found a gun in 'Memos' they're going to need more to let this offense go. Like 20,000 pesos.

What the..... so my FIL is worried because he knows how many killings/disappearances that have been going on down there.

Soooooooooooo.............he goes and puts $500 in the account that the 'police' told him to.
An hour later they call him again asking for more money.

Thennnnn my FIL starts thinking 'wth?' so he goes over to the bank where he just deposited $500 and says 'Hey, what is up with this.....etc' and tells them everything, so they look it up and as soon as he had deposited the money, it was taken out from an online source.

So, the bank people said there was really no way to get the money back.

After that, my FIL went to the police (the real police) and was telling them what happened and as he was telling them, the scammers actually called him again! So, the detective pretended to be my they are there going back and forth, and at the end of it, the detective gets all pissed off and starts going off on these scammers.

So, the end result is that now these scammers keep calling my FIL, so he had to shut off his phone and pray that they don't KNOW him......or where he lives.

We have been badgering them to hurry up and move back to the States before anything really bad happens.


(Note: This is not to say all border cops are not following the rules. It's just there's always a bad apple or two in the bunch.)


  1. dude that sucks and is scary. my family came from juarez settled in el paso

  2. Oh Hellll No!!!

    Amy that's *awful*!
    Major suckage is right.

    Oh, and thanks for bitching on my page! I love it! :-)
    I also love that we *both* had bitching on our minds today.

  3. That is just awful. I'm sorry that your in-laws were victims of such a scam. As you wrote, a few bad apples....

  4. Man, that sucks! So many scams going on right now, you don't know who to trust, if anyone. I hope this will be the end of your FIL's trouble with them.

  5. Having spent some time in Mexico City a few years ago... AND transporting animals thru all the checkpoints between the U.S. and Mexico City... I am not shocked at all that your FIL didn't question the asking for money at first. It amazed me how often money changed hands at checkpoints and things. We actually had a group that traveled with us that 'cleared' us thru all of the checkpoints on the way down.

    Still, very scary and upsetting!

  6. Yikes ... what a scary story. As I was reading it, I kept hoping the real police, the one that had the "scammers" on the phone, would have kept them on the line long enough to trace the call and send someone immediately to catch these rats in the act. I guess that kind of stuff just happens on TV ...

  7. Bastards!
    We keep getting news stories about some flu epidemic in mexico city - which I'm guessing the media are attempting to turn into the next panic story like bird flu or mad cow.

  8. Sounds very scary to me Amy!

  9. That really is major suckage - scary suckage! I hope they will be safe!

  10. oh, not nice!!!! My heart hurts for your in laws!!!

  11. Eeek! That is scary!
    It's a shame they can't do more to get his money back for him. :(


  12. What?! that is insane!
    That sucks...big time. I don't even know what else to say.

  13. Wow I am so sorry to hear about all this stuff going on and I pray your FIL is able to come here... though I know here is getting worse everyday. Hugs and prayers,
    Lisa in KY

  14. That's scary. I pray for their safety.

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