Sunday, May 17, 2009

honestyyyyyy is such a lonely word....

......but not in my case, because Lisa from The Periwinkle Post 2 has given meeeeeeee an award.


I had to laugh a little to myself, because people think I'm honest, which I try to be, but there is also SO MUCH that I don't say, too. Oh well.......better to keep some things a mystery, huh?

Now I am supposed to name ten honest things about myself and pass this award on to seven bloggers. (not sure why it's 10 and then 7, but let's go with it.....)

Ten honest things about me:
1) I have low self esteem. When guys check me out, I wonder if I have broccoli in my teeth or an accidental wedgie.

2) I love doing laundry.

3) If I could have a bunch of kids like the chick on 18 and counting , I would.

4) Starting off the morning with bad coffee makes for a very bad rest of the day.

5) My house is always a mess to some degree, but everybody seems to congregate here. Even the neat/clean freaks. (Sorry about that cat hair, people...)

6) If I never had to wear shoes again, I would be happy.

7) I attract animals like Dr. Doolittle.

8) I think living like the Amish is cool. I don't really dig Rumspringa, though.

9) I despise hypocritical people, dishonest people, and rude people.

10) I really really like guys with accents.

and now.........I'd like to pass this award on to some honest bloggers:
Marie at A Year From Oak Cottage

back to Lisa from The Periwinkle Post 2

Bernie at Just a Stirring in My Soul.

Donna at JUST ME

the newly blonde weasel at La Belette Rouge

Kristi at Rambling Woolysheep

and finally, the last one is a two-fer, because it's my blog and I can.
Billy ...........and Carlos - two honest guys (although, honest in different ways.....LOL)

I know there's some variety in my choices, but what you see is pretty much what you get with these people, and that's why I read them.


  1. This looks fabulous on your blog! Love it! And speaking of messy houses, there must be comfort in them. I do have to admit my house is always a mess over here and yes, seems like at least the kids in the neighborhood congregate here. I have what you call a few areas that are not messy... clean zones if you will, that do not stay clean for long. I have lost the time to be a neat freak. All that remains of that girl I once was is the bed making ordeal I go through each morning. LOL.
    Lisa in KY

  2. Like you, there is SO MUCH I don't say. If I remember this when I awake in the morning, I'll try to think of ten things. ROFL.

  3. Congrats on the award! I had the same much to give away on a public blog...? Answer: not much. ;)

  4. I have an American accent, does that make you hot?

  5. I'm the same way...there's so much I DON'T say on my blog.

    But some things are better left personal/private.

    Great list. :)

  6. Amy, I think my dream life is a good-sized, yet cozy home on a big(ish) piece of land, at least a couple more kids, two or three more dogs... and maybe a few goats out in the "back forty" of the property.

    If I don't step over a kid or a dog on my way to cook or do laundry, my house ain't full enough yet...

    Love you, punkin.

  7. A house not messy isn't a house that's being truly lived in I say!

    Have a good week!

  8. A house not messy isn't a house that's being truly lived in I say!

    Have a good week!

  9. I am tickled to bits to receive this award from you. I do think you are an amazingly honest blogger and I love that you tell the truth no matter what it is. I really and truly love that about you. HUge hugs to you!xoox

  10. Congratulations on your award!

    A home is to be lived and loved in. Yours hits the right spot for me by the sound of things.
    Wish I could call round for a wee visit

    Jeanie xxx


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