Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Have The Thought Process Of A Squirrel

I have been off in my own little LaLa Land.........thinking about random stuff........

Time for a Stream Of Consciousness entry?

Sure, why not.....


"Man I hate the HOA....all I want is some freaking chickens....hmm....I wonder if Sophie will chase them.....I need to bake today.....Did I take my Vitamin C.....I hope that lotion doesn't burn my skin after I finish the dishes.....soap....I need to make more soap.....oh...laundry.....gotta transfer the clothes from the washer to the dryer......when Ryan gets home, I should have her do my hair.....I want to get some books......I wonder if I have any money.....I'm so excited that my tomato plant is still alive and producing actual tomatoes......and the berries! Yeah!'s hot today......92. Gross. I don't want to go outside and start to sweat and get a rash or something......wait.....Zely's party is going to be in July.....outside. I'm going to hate my life then. I'll have to pray for clouds that day. No rain though. A dress. I need a dress to wear. Shopping. But just for a few dresses. What am I making for dinner. Something with hamburger. I wonder why the guys at the meat market only speak in Spanish to me if I always talk back to them in English. Are they trying to mess with me? Hmm....I should get up and get some Diet Coke. The caffeine free isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and it helps with my weird heart thing."

(Yes, folks.........all of that without caffeine.)


  1. Wow! I'd hate to see what it would have been on caffeine. Damn! lol

  2. Gee, and I thought I rambled on my blog entries! LOL

    Have a good one!

  3. I'm totally with you.
    Damn! do we share the same brain?!?


    But I *did* have caffeine...

  4. Goodness, hon, take a Prozac!

  5. Hey, I'm totally with you about the heat and sweat and rashes. Ewww!


  6. What kind of animal's mind do you have when you are on caffeine?

  7. lol Amy, you make me smile. :-)

  8. Make up summa these... you will feel much better:

    2 Cups fresh squeezed ruby grapfruit (about 3 of 'em)

    juice of one lime (about an ounce)

    1/2 cup orange liquer (can be Cointreau, Triple Sec- Miss J likes the Italian stuff Trader Joe's sells cuz its tasty but less $ than Cointreau)

    1/2 C reposado tequila

    Stir 'er up. And look out. Even better- put it in the freezer over night...

  9. Cool pic!

    Crazy lady!



  10. LOL!

    I think my thought processes are similar, but I have not tried to record them...yet!

  11. You know what Amy? I do that quite a bit ~ all the time in fact. I just don't write it down in my journal or anything. In fact my head gets so busy at times that it drives me almost mad. Cindy wonders why I want absolute silence in the house when she's not here ~ it's because the silence helps blunt what's in my head. TV? it just adds to the chatter...Music too. I'm strange. I know I'm strange. But, I'm real. Hugs, Teresa

    Oh, will be sending you that tag probably tonight lol... those critters in my head got in the way yesterday.

  12. No wonder why we get along. We share the SAME brain! OH...MY... GOSH! This is like exactly how my thoughts go... yep and that's without caffeine for me too. Our journal readers do not want to know how our brains work WITH caffeine. LOL LOL LOL LOL. Fabulous entry! The real you has met the real me. Yikes! We are scary now.
    Lisa in of course Kentucky

  13. PS I cannot stand having the tv on because of my brain thinking that way all the time. LOL. Someone else mentions that in your comments and I was thinking, yep!

  14. Did I tell you yet...u slay me? Hahahahaha...


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