Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm not THAT crazy.....

I go see a psychiatrist once a month. That's no big, really....she just asks me if my meds are working, I respond, and she sends me on my way. There's no chatty-chatty or anything....

At the last appointment, she asked how I was doing, and I said "Pretty good.....I mean, of course I still have the occasional ::hiss:: but all in all, pretty good!"

"Hmm..." she said. " that case, let's have you stop taking the Ambien and start you on Seroquel."

"Uhhhhhh....." I said.

"Seroquel is an anti-psychotic and it will help you with your inner rage."

This is the point where I start thinking 'Inner rage? I have inner rage?'

She continues on....".......and you'll want to eat more healthy will more than likely make you gain weight.....and it will make you sleepy so you should take it at you get enough sleep? What time do you have to wake up in the morning?"

I'm still stuck on '....inner rage? I have inner......what? gain more weight? what the......are you serious? I need something that will make me gain more......oh, she is right about the inner rage right about now! Wait......morning? Hahahahaha....morning.'

Then I notice she is looking at me expectantly.

"Oh. Um......okay?"

She looked pleased, so I'm pretty sure I gave the right answer.

Oh. and I have to go get a blood workup. oooohhh, can I?!

So. I took the first dose of that mess last night right before bed. 30 minutes later, I was so cold and chattering, you would have thought I was dying from the flu. (I thought about it for a second, because we had had Zely over earlier that day and she had been sick.....) I turned the A/C up, turned off the fan, put on my sweatshirt, pulled the covers up around me in a mummified fashion, and made the husband snuggle up next to me. Then I realized I was hungry. I went downstairs chattering and got a pop tart (yeah....I'm alllll about healthy), ate said pop tart and went back up to bed still chattering. Then I thought ' moron. Why did you eat a pop tart?!'. It was around then that I finally fell asleep. It wasn't that solid, I-hear-nothing kind of sleep that Ambien gives me, but at least I slept, so that's something. I woke up a couple of times and went back to sleep, but there was no chattering then, so I guess that was just as the medicine went through my system.

Anti-psychotic. I mean......really?


  1. We must have been separated at birth because I would be in the EXACT same place...

    "Inner rage? I have inner rage?!?!?!?!"


    But here's my question: How can you eat just one Pop Tart? They're packaged in twos and once I've had two, I just devour the whole box of six.

    Which is why my ass is going condo sometime next week.

  2. An anti-psychotic seems a bit of an extreme change from Ambien...! I'm not sure I'd be cool with that. Hugs, Beth

  3. i have outer rage... wonder if there is a pill for that, i'll have the one that won't make my ass bigger please.

  4. It's not good when your anti-rage medicine gives you rage. Now you need an anti-rage pill for your anti-rage pill.

  5. Are you my sister or something because we are so much alike it's scary. However, one thing different is the Ambien. It didn't do a damn thing for me. I'm weird, I can fall asleep during the day, however at night even when I'm exhausted my brain goes on overload and I can't fall asleep. I'm nuts, and I freely admit it.

    Stephen's comment about the Pop Tarts was priceless! LMAO

  6. Are you sure you aren't married to me?

  7. Gee, some other girl named Amy, must not have been you, emailed me a few days ago to say she would NOT be taking the new anti-psychotic drug. What happened? Have an episode since then ;-0? Seriously, Amy, speak with your primary about this as well. The Lex really helps you & I can tell you there are many people out there needing to be medicated with Ser much more than you. Everyone I've met who is depressive has anger issues but most of them are NOT on Ser. I told you the 2 things I've seen it used for in medical & you do not have either of those mental conditions. ~Mary

  8. All this because you said the word, "hiss?" your doctor being paid off to push Seroquel?



  9. I'm sending you a big old helping of sympathy. Meds are such a guessing game; half the time docs don't even attempt to listen to the client, and you are left to live with the ever-changing cocktail. Hope the side effects don't last for too long...

  10. My daughter took that with her prozac when she was in treatment for anorexia. It did make her gain weight, about 10 pounds. She also had bad dreams on it. Another complaint she had after about 3 months of taking the meds was feeling drugged up all the time.

    She finally told the doctor she was not taking it anymore.

    I take Ambian and I've had to stop for a few months. It stopped working for me. I was up to taking 3 tablets nightly. Hopefully, after two months, one pill will work again.

    Have a good one.

  11. ((((hugs))))
    sometimes words fail me.

  12. I've seen you depressed, but psychotic umm no...I wouldn't of gathered that one. I would of figured the blood work-up to check and see if you were anemic (rolls eyes I'm traveling down that path Monday oh, goody bleed me dry). I hope things work out with you and as Mary said, I would check with your general practioner. (Hugs)Indigo

  13. Hi Amy,
    Holy moly ... your doctor sounds like someone I knew in LA years ago who we used to call "Dr. Drugs." People would just call "Dr. Drugs" to explain exactly what prescription they wanted and he'd just write it out. This doctor seems to be barely talking with you ... and then she informs you that you have inner rage and prescribes a drug for psychotics? Hmmmm ...

  14. Umm... I think your shrink is 'script-happy. Why'd you stop the lexapro? I thought it was working well?

    [I, on the other hand, need valium. And I do have rage issues, but I kinda enjoy them, so fuck off. Hee....]

  15. LOL ~ do I EVER get the "I have inner rage ?????" thingy... well, (batting eyelashes) hell yes I do!! LOL. Ambien doesn't work for me anymore, all it does is give me MASSIVE migraines the next day :( I haven't been taking them for a couple months now, been trying Tylenol PM instead (back issues, not just my mind going blinkety, blink)
    Now you have me craving a blueberry or brown sugar cinnamon pop tart(s). Sheesh. Peeked in the pantry and not one to be seen.
    (((((Hugs Amy)))))) Love, Teresa

  16. Fricking heck, Amy, an antipsychotic? Sometimes you wonder whether psychiatrists secretly swap places with real lunatics


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