Friday, May 15, 2009

Pain Breeds Hostility

Because I am not cool anymore, here I am....parked in front of the computer on a Friday night. The Puerto Rican neighbors, on the other hand, are partying it up outside. I don't know them. That would probably explain why I wasn't invited. It's not that I'm an antisocial biotch or anything.

(Oh,'s going to be one of those posts.)

I am hostile tonight and it allllll has to do with my jacked up, tighter-than-tight, twisted up, on-fire, make-me-cry-like-a-little girl shoulder. Whoever volunteers to give me a decent massage also gets a view of my hooters. I got the 'throw 'em up in your throat' bra, tonight, too! Raise your hands, people!

Adding to that, I feel like I have been working all damned day. I have no idea what I did, but there's no way I could be this exhausted if I hadn't done....something.

okay, moving along to something that makes me less crabby........Food. Yesterday, The Hub played hooky, so we went out to lunch. Now, I can feel comfortable enough in saying that since I have lived in Texas for most of my life, I can judge with certainty whether a Mexican food place is good/authentic or not. (as well as the fact that I have become Hispanic by osmosis...) Anyway, this place we went to eat was called Bohemia Mexican Grill. They give you free mini quesadillas while you're perusing the menu......but not any namby-pamby quesadillas. Homemade corn tortillas! oh. my. goodness. gracious. I love my corn tortillas, but homemade ones? Gahhh.....I'm salivating just thinking about it. I'm just going to go with it and blank out for a second........

::Jeopardy theme music here::

Alrighty then........I had Steak a la Mexicana - which is really tender steak bits with tomato, onion, and jalapeno.......along with corn tortillas (did I mention they were homemade?), rice, and really really really good refried beans. and avocado. I *heart* my avocado. Jesse had carne guisada. That's chunks of beef in a gravyish sauce. He said it melted in his mouth and did I want to try it, to which I said no, because I didn't want him nosing around on my plate. (I really did say that, but then I gave him a bite anyway, because he was looking at my plate with puppy dog eyes.)

I would say that I'm long overdue for a salad, but.........

........maybe I should just have some ice cream instead?


  1. Sorry that you weren't invited. If you lived here I'd have invited you to Austin's t-ball game. The kids were so cute but it's windy and foggy. Thanks for reassuring me that most men are annoying. Still,not sure how to solve the issues with the cereal but thanks anyway.

  2. I had my crabby day yesterday, but I'm much more mellow today. I hope tomorrow is better for you! Your description of the food at the restaurant...oh man, does that ever sound good! You know, I don't think I ever had an avocado until I was a few years out of college? I now *heart* them, too. Hugs, Beth

    P.S. LOL at your "special" bra! I just did a little 'raise the roof' gesture, just for you!

  3. That meal sounds wonderful. I miss Mexican food over here. I'm sure there's a Mexican restaurant somewhere in the country, but it's debatable as to whether it would even closely resemble real tex mex, which is what I want! (especially after reading about those corn tortillas!)

  4. Here's me, sitting at the computer on a Saturday morning, eating toast and reading your entry.

    Here's me, sitting at the computer on a Saturday morning drinking a cup of tea, waiting for the rain to stop so I can go out and buy some mexican food.

    Damn you!

  5. DROOL..SLURP...

  6. I love love love corn tortillas. I am on a constant quest to fine better ones to keep in my fridge. I blame my grandma for this addiction, she made the best.

  7. All I can say is - hope your shoulder is better today. Pain is no laughing matter.

  8. I would so invite you to any party I had!!!

  9. You are officially invited to all of my parties... and please bring that steak dish with the avocado and tomatoes and corn and all that.
    Lotsa hugs and have a great weekend!
    Lisa in Kentucky : )

  10. You can be as crabby, bitchy or whatever you want to be if you feel it needs to be freed from within. I understand that so thoroughly. When you combine those emotions with the driveling aspects of depression and that other B.S. it's a wonder some of us that experience those emotions don't commit Hari Kari. (kind of like wiping out entire species because they got in your way at the grocery store and won't move their asses to save their lives...ummmm which tuna fish? Star Kist or Chicken of the Sea?? meanwhile you can feel your upper lip curl animalistically and you want to just run their butts over and smile at them over your shoulder as you pass them)
    hmmmm can we say a wee bit of aggression coming out? LOL.
    I'm very glad that you got to get out with Hubby though, it sounds nice (though I can't eat Mexican food :( )
    That bra sounds wowza WEG (wicked evil grin) damn I need one that pushes my bosom's up to my throat... hell, I'd suffocate if I did that!! ROFL. Kidding (sigh)
    Love you Sweetie** Teresa

  11. Now my mouth is watering! God, that sounds absolutely divine.

    I love avocado too...yum.


  12. you can come visit me anytime for a free massage,,,bring the whole family for a visit,,,,,and you can get the frrebie massage and then we can take a train to NYC to shop!


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