Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Threats and Burgers

"If you don't start being nice, sweet, and affectionate this very minute, we are going to end up on Snapped!"

"Wait.....isn't that the show where the wife freaks out and kills the husband and winds up in jail?"

"Yeah. I'm willing to take that risk...."

Moving along with my mental instability, I need this so bad, I can't think of anything else:

(No, I am not PMSing. I'm just a hungry bitch.)

aaaand finally, you know I love comments and try to respond either in email, on your blogs, or here......so..... a response to a comment from my last post:
"Stick said...
I have an American accent, does that make you hot?"

1). Hot? No. That burger makes me hot. If you bring me a burger, then yeah, I will be hot for you.
2). American accent? America is a big country. Can we be more specific? Thank you for commenting!


  1. Silly. Americans don't have accents. Duh. ;-)

  2. I know my blog name is French but I assure you I am a red blooded American weasel who also can get hot for the right hamburger.

  3. I sometimes crave a burger so bad that my mouth waters. But the actual act of eating any kind of ground up meat makes me puke! Actually the THOUGHT of eating ground up meat makes me puke. Seriously. Do you see the conflict here?

    Love your blog btw. I think I found you over at Bridgett's blog.

  4. I crave turkey burgers. Don't hate me, but I don't eat beef. LOL

    Or pork.


  5. isnt it feed a hungry bitch, starve a homicidal maniac?

  6. That's a seriously HOT burger!
    (heavy breathing)

  7. Ooooh! Red meat!

    But chips?

    Go for the fries!
    Everybody needs to die of something. Might as well be from being sated! =-)

    (Sorry, but I've been offline for about two weeks. Gasp, I know.)

  8. mmm . . . burgers . . . fries . . . can you tell I am tired and have zip willpower today?

  9. just give me fries...or chips....

  10. There sure is something about a good old fashioned American burger! That's exactly what we ordered on Mother's Day...
    it was so good. Then I made them for dinner yesterday... did you do this post yesterday? We were thinking the same thing about food then LOL. Now I gotta go see what date you wrote this LOL Hugs,
    Lisa in Kentucky

  11. That does look nice.

    Am I the only one that has to eat two burgers at a time?
    One just isnt enough.

    Maybe I'm just greedy.


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