Thursday, June 18, 2009

Camping..... 100 degree weather kind of sucks.

Laying in a nice cool river, however, does not.

more pictures to come once I recover from some sleep deprivation and sunburn.

Did I mention that camping in 100 degree weather kind of sucks? Trying to sleep? oh my gosh....blech.....


  1. Now that looks relaxing Amy! I can't wait to see the rest of your photos!

  2. Um. I'm pretty sure I'd pull a gun on anybody trying to get me away from my a/c for more than about half an hour...

    You, my dear, are braver than I.

  3. I couldn't do it..I would be dying, literally.


  4. Oh, good. There you are. I was kind of worried you had fallen off the face of the earth...

  5. Yes 100 degrees sucks ass. Not kinda but completely. It is 98 here in SE Houston but it feels like 110 with this humidity.

    You are brave girl.

  6. Looks like a good relaxing time to me!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. I don't like camping in the summer time for that reason. Can't sleep when it's hot, and certainly can't participate in any *ahem* adult-type activities either.

    Your a real woman.

  8. Oops. Make that "you're"

    The heat must have gotten to me.

  9. I agree with Mama JJ: I too was worried about you! Glad you're alright Amy... Well, relatively speaking. =-)
    It's not 98 here yet, but the humidity already sucks. We're planning a trip to the mountains 'cause it's not as hot or as humid there.

  10. river, yes :) 100 temp? hell no. LOL ~ do you have the humidity like we do in East TX? it was awful yesterday, been bad the past few days too ~ was 98 with a feel like of approx 108* and walking thru life thru a steam bath. ughhhhh. I'm glad you enjoyed the river....I'd hate the camping in that weather too...only way I'd do it was a cabin with a very nice air conditioner LOL.
    Hugs and Love,


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