Sunday, June 21, 2009

Getting Stuff Off My Chest....

I know it's Father's Day, but if you need to read a tribute to dear old dad, then this will be a waste of your reading time. (Not to say that my hub doesn't deserve a tribute, but there are so many other blogs talking about it, and besides, I feel like whining. Oh yeah, and we're celebrating his day next week, so whatever.....)

Where was I? Oh....okay, so my first (and last?) camping trip was not as pleasant as I would have liked. Sure, there was the ridiculous heat, but I learned that camping with more people than less people is not a desireable thing. I'll end that little story right there and move on to the next.

My mom wanted to come over to cook the hubster some dinner. A nice dinner. When she came in the house with her groceries, my FIL was here because my nephew was fixing his car and needed some of the hub's tools. My mother immediately went into a snit. My FIL went to get up to say hello and give her a hug and she just walked on past him, went to the kitchen to prep, and didn't look up til they left. AWKWARD!

The last little bark of the entry is.......people who expect you to babysit, have already made their plans, and then expect you to just bow down. This is where I bite my tongue from all the profanity trying to escape.

Adding to that crap, many of you guys know I'm very introverted. I can only deal with so many people and their drama at one time. I can only do so much... (I'm still recovering from the mess of camping, and that was days ago. I find it really hard to get back into my routine, so I'm basically in my pajamas wandering around cluelessly for days.) So, here's me in my already fragile (?) state and then I get more crap on top of it. Not a good thing. I mean, I know I'm medicated for everyone else's enjoyment, but damn it....there is only so much Lexapro can do!


Okay. I think I'm done. Maybe. It's about time for me t ogo back to bed and rock myself.


  1. One should not get to inflict one's drama on other people. It is emotionally draining to anybody. Have a wine cooler.

  2. Sounds like you need a really big hug!! I'd give you one if we lived closer, but for now you'll just have to content yourself with knowing that I would if I could!xxoo

  3. {{{{ Amy }}}}} Something I read once has been a great help when these kinds of things are going on. Think about how a storm has all this chaos going on all around it, and yet at the center there's a calm, still place. Each of the conflicts you mentioned is someone else's issue that you didn't cause and you can't magically solve for them. If you put yourself in that calm "eye of the storm," and let the folks around you do what they're going to do anyway, you'll be better off. Don't let them suck you in.


  4. Sending you big hugs, sweetie.

    Family can be annoying as hell. I understand.


  5. yeah back to bed is my vote.

  6. "It's about time for me to go back to bed and rock myself."

    Amy, this is one of the many reasons I love you!

  7. Imagine how lonely our lives would be without family drama? LOL

    Sending hugs and have a good week.

  8. You know Amy occasionally I think to myself,"I'm alone in the,"OMFG! My family is friggen insane." boat but, and as much as it pains me to say it, I am keenly aware that EVERYONES family has someone in it that is either friggen mental or into drama in a way that you cannot imagine. In my family, I have three drama queens,numerous crazies,snobs, and two of the drama queens are nuttier then squirrel turds. Honestly, it's at the moment I realize it that I just think to myself,"Hey, it's not just me and at least I am related to people that make me look emotional balanced and psychologically healthy." Without them I'd be the crazy,mental drama queen, which I so am, only everyone would know it!

  9. Can I get new-agey on you for a minute?

    Let me tell you what I've started doing, and I'll admit right now that I don't know WHY it works for me, but maybe it'll work for you:

    Go to the drugstore or wherever and buy some bubbles. Keep them away from the kids, or buy enough to share, whichever, but don't let them take YOURS.

    Now, go outside during the least sucky (weather-wise) part of the day and blow bubbles. Imagine each of your worries, pains, and angers in them... then watch them float away. At some point, they'll pop, but they won't be your problem anymore.


  10. I am with Rachel. Maybe have some cake, too. And maybe tell some folks to chill out. Or not. I don't know. Now I am stressed out....

  11. awww...hugs!!! I hate family most days....and their drama...ugh!

  12. It's too bad they don't sell squirt bottles of Lexapro---then you could spray people with it to make them nice.

  13. As far as our personalities are concerned it's interesting how alike you and I are. At least with the things you say about your personality, likes, dislikes etc. the depression when it hits you like a 2 x 4.
    I'm really sorry about the drama, I hate it too and will avoid it if at all possible.
    I need a invisible room where no one but me can get into or escape route. 60* continuously freaking TX summer heat.
    I'm not a Summer girl either, in fact I'm barely a spring girl...give me late fall and all of Winter time and I'm happy :)
    Hugs** Teresa


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