Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Was Wondering....

..........because I noticed a comment in another blog that I read.

Y'all leave me comments, sometimes with questions. I love to yak back and forth with y'all, but then I'm conflicted because some people don't go back and read the comments to see if there was a response.........some people don't want emails clogging their box......etc.

So. How would you guys like me to respond to your questions? In email? In the comment box? in a new post?

Lemme know, peeps!


  1. I want you to write you answers on the back of a thousand dollar bill and post it to me!

    Is that ok?
    are you sure?
    What do you mean "no"?
    You will wont you?

    There, you owe me 5 grand. :o)

  2. I usually reply to specific questions by email but then lots of bloggers don't have their email public - of course they are the ones who always leave the questions! Grrr!

  3. In person?


  4. I've done it both ways, and if there are several questions on a particular entry, I might do a whole entry answering the questions.

  5. I answer in the comments, but if it's a big question then I might do a post on it. But then, you knew that about me already...

  6. Eh... depends. Some people I have their e-mail and the answer is just for them.. so i e-mail. If it's a question others might care about the answer I e-mail AND answer in comments. If several ask the same or it's a good question it becomes an entry.

    Yeah, I'm not a lot of help am I? Nothing in my life is ever a straight answer, everything is shades of gray. LOL!

  7. I do both. Just depends on the question (if it's very general or a clarification about something I've written), I answer in the comments section.

    If it's more a personal question and I know the blogger's e-mail, I typically respond in a private e-mail.


    BTW, giggling at Mr. Brainwhispers. :)

  8. I'm with Mr Brainwhispers... you can put all my responses on the back of a thousand dollar bill and send it to me in the mail. LOL. I am generally happy with any response by the way however it comes, because I'm easygoing about most things except having a clean house. I really wish the family would help out more around here. I'm off to go nag someone to clean something.
    Lisa in Kentucky

  9. Hi Amy,
    I've wondered about the same thing but found that e-mail works best. Most people don't go back and re-read an entry to see if a question is answered in the comments field.

  10. I answer my questions the next day, and if they don't come back to read it, I feel I made a good attempt.

  11. I almost always do email. I know that I rarely go back and read comments on an entry that I've already read--who has the time?--so I think email is best. If the person doesn't have their email listed, I will sometimes try to leave them a comment on their blog and ask them to send me their email address if they're comfortable with that.

  12. I usually try to answer by e-mail as well, but I like Mr Brainwhispers answer!

  13. You & I email back & forth enough that this isn't an issue :-).~Mary

  14. Whatever floats your boat works for me! I'm easy to please. Let's not tell Donnie I said that. Mwahahahahaha...


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