Saturday, June 27, 2009

If You Want Something Done Right....

-The other day, I was having lunch at Hooters. (What, people?! I go there for the food!) As you may or may not know, they have plenty o' TVs in there.

-As you also may or may not know, my daughter has some jacked up luck with boys.

-Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to find her future husband.

-Her future husband was on TV at Hooters.

So. My daughter:

Her future husband:

Yay! I'm going to have gorgeous grandkids!

[Disclaimer: Blake Griffin is not dating my daughter. But, I would be totally okay with it if he was.]


  1. He's pretty okay, but she's stunning. I say hold out for better.

    You had lunch at Hooters?

  2. Never ate a meal at Hooters.

    Your daughter is lovely.

  3. Your daughter--Ryan, right?--is so pretty!

  4. I hear the food is really good. Your daughter is so very beautiful. I can well imagine she could have her pick of fellas!

  5. I've eaten at Hooters many times. :)

    Your daughter is too pretty for him, by the way. She can do better. ;)


  6. Ryan's decided she wants kids? When did that happen?

  7. Ryan's way too attractive for him but then again not a bad choice. Oh, and seeing as you made that selection permit me to ask you to do the same for me because as you once pointed out Ryan and I have similar luck with men!

  8. Wow, great photo of Ryan. Errr, does she even know who Blake Griffin is? Mwahahahahaha...


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