Friday, July 24, 2009

Find It Friday

Yay, it's Friday! But, not just any's Find It Friday!

The photo assignment for this Friday was PIGS.
As y'all know, you're free to take that subject and be as creative as you can, but it has to be your own picture.
Here's my entry:

A flying pig picture in my house.
(and y'all thought I was going to take a picture of a plate of bacon! LOL)
If you did Find It Friday, and then come back and leave a link so I can see your pictures!!


  1. Okay......what's up with a flying pig picture?? LOL

    When pigs fly? LOL

    I actually like the picture. I love pigs.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Ack! I had so many good ideas for this but most would have been politically incorrect and I'm not one who likes controversy ::sigh:: But now that you mention bacon, I have my Friday party post up which includes some pig ...

    I love your picture! You are a trip - I like that! :-)

  3. Bacon would have been good too.

  4. Since the theme is pigs I just had to pass along this disturbing link (disturbing blog too!) but from the number of followers it's quite popular!

    Did I mention it's disturbing? LOL!

  5. You are awesome. Somehow I knew you'd have a picture in your house.

  6. I actually did it!!!
    I'm such a pro(crastinator)... whatever.

    (Been out of town so I didn't know about the "leave a link" 'til today)


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