Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Have Incoherent Thoughts. I Think.

....feeling all introspective-y and what have you today, I read something that Marie wrote: To have a heart that feels . . . and that got me thinking a bit. (Lord help anybody when I start thinking....)

I've been feeling sort But, eh.....I try not to talk about it because in my mind, what good does it do. The times I do talk about my crap out loud, sure, it's out there, but then what? Not a whole lot, really. Nothing gets solved and then I feel like an idiot for whining. (I know.....tell people your feelings?! oh, the novelty! A therapist would have a field day with me.)

Then it came to me. I'm sensitive. Too sensitive. But, not about things most people would think.

I get anxious easily. But, not about things most people would think.

I need to have alone time. Desperately. (again, noone would think.......)

What to do......what to do.......

Keep busy by cleaning the house, I guess. (You know what I'm gonna say...... no one would think I actually

I make no sense.

Do I?


  1. Sure, it makes sense to me! I think we are probably a lot alike.

  2. You make plenty of sense. And I just sent you 3(count them, 3) emails to answer your one email. *Cough* No fee.
    Sensitive? Yeah, but very empathic. Some people are just touchy, self-absorbed, sensitive(I don't call them sensitive, I call them ass pains).
    You aren't just feeling for Amy, you feel for everyone. That is a tough load. ~Mary

  3. You're right, that was a bit jumbled, but no one said a post had to be well thought out. I'd rather it just be genuine. Hope you shake the blues soon.

  4. I'm sorry you're feeling blue. I think Mary is right--empathy is a heavy load to bear, and you strike me as a very empathetic person. (I'm thinking of the Star Trek episode "The Empath.") I hope things improve soon. {{hugs}}

  5. I agree with Mary. I think you are just about the sweetest kindest person I know. I love that big heart of yours. ((((hugs))))

  6. That's what's so icky about feeling blue---it doesn't make sense... You verbalized the scattered "whatever" feeling well. I'm with you on this one.

  7. Makes TOTAL sense to me. But we are paddling the same boat, not talking about it, aren't we.

    OR something like that.

  8. You have incoherent thoughts and I have impure one's. You know people always say,"I could complain but what good would it do?" To those people I say,"It actually does a lot of good because you're not repressing the feelings. You're putting them out there and no it's not always fun. It doesn't always feel good but if you keep holding that stuff in your insides turn into mildew." You know this is your journal and if you're feeling "blue" post it. Personally, I never feel "blue" I just get pissed. That's less ladylike but it's far easier to deal with. Okay, yes, the fallout lands on others but it does help a little.

  9. My mom suffers from many of the same issues...especially anxiety.

    I think I'm much too mellow to ever get super anxious about anything. LOL

    But absolutely make sense, lovey.


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