Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm Meltingggggg......

My brain has been sorta 'Derrrrrrrrrrrrr' lately, hence the lack of posting. I'll just start talking and see where it goes, though.....

No post yesterday, either. It was so hot and so gross and I was not going outside for some jacked up excuses for fireworks. So, instead, I watched fireworks from Washington D.C. on PBS.....with my air conditioning on.

I Am The Evil Twin left me a question the other day:

"How is it that you have eighty-four followers?!? Inquiring minds want to know!...Eighty-four. Really?! [high squeaky voice] "

The answer is.........
*yes, there are 84 Followers, but if you look at the average amount of comments, it's only 10-15 most of the time. I'm guessing people just read, laugh or nod, and skip along without commenting, but I don't really know. Eh.
*Also, alot of my Followers are people who I knew from AOL Journals. When they moved us over here to Blogger, we just sorta floundered around hoping to run into somebody we knew in the huge empty blogosphere.
*Adding to that.....I am a big blog-hopper. I hop here and there and leave comments when something strikes me. Sometimes people visit me back, but it's not a requirement. I read people because I like their blogs. No ulterior motives with me.
*aaaaaand lastly, I try to blog a little something for everyone. Sometimes it doesn't work and I just show my mental instability, but there you go.


  1. Same here. I have 65 followers but the comments are in the same range as yours.

    That's okay with me. Comments or no, I love blogging. :D


  2. Sometimes I leave comments, sometimes I don't. If I'm on my phone reading blogs, I don't comment. I hate typing on my phone! Plus, I'm just kinda lazy.

    But anyway, I read your blog all the time. I think I found you from our mutual friend (Bridgett). Plus, I used to read Ryan on AOL.

  3. Amy, we go way back. I read everything you blog, although sometimes I read through Google Reader.

    I love my long-time AOL journal buddies.

  4. I have 177 followers but only get a few comments each post. I follow over a hundred blogs but don't leave comments all the time with every blog update.

    Hope you had a good 4th and have a good week coming up.

  5. I took the girls to the fireworks last night. Didn't get below 90 degrees, but have you ever heard several thousand people singing along with "America the Beautiful"?

    Seriously tear-inducing.

  6. We watched the DC fireworks in the open air of DC itself, the booms reverberating off the buildings behind us. The fleeing, panicky ducks were a good sideshow.

  7. Isn't it fun being unstable??? LOLOL I like it personally ::grin:: people never know what we're going to come up with next.
    I did the same thing you did on the 4th ~ stayed in the house in the a/c. C. won't let me turn the a/c below 78* and with this humidity you know what that's like. ughhhhhhh.
    My brain is always 'Derrrrrrr' it's a fun place to be ROFL.


  8. You have so many followers because you are so witty and everyone enjoys it. :-) Got lots of catching up to do. Dang computer! Always something wrong with it. I been just about ready to throw it out the window!!!!! Missed you!~

  9. The follower thing confound me too. I swear when I'm on haitus I get more...huh? What's up with that.

    In any case the ratio of followers versus comments has never been even close. (Hugs)Indigo

  10. i am a total follower slut. need more can never get enough and when i lose one i mourn for at least a day...

  11. Watching fireworks on tv, away from massive, smelly crowds, in an air conditioned room conveniently located near a well-stocked refrigerator - - does it get better than that? Hell to the no!!!

    Hope you had a great holiday weekend! :)

  12. You have 84 followers because you are smart, funny, witty and you are kind to animals and you tell the truth. Well, that is why I am here.

  13. I read a lot of blogs, but only comment when I have something to add. It certainly des not mean I am not enjoying the read.

    Keep firing. I am a fan.

  14. Read laugh nod...OMG I feel so guilty now...Like I'm eating a candy bar I didn't pay for...ROFLMAO

    In my defense I follow a lot of people....but...I have once again resolved to comment at least once in a freakin while...


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