Friday, July 10, 2009

The Odd Couple

When my friend, Diana, was pregnant with Valencia, I was so excited to buy baby stuff again. One of the things I bought for her was a book on making your own baby food. Adrian may have eaten jarred baby food once or twice in his life.

Anyway, Diana and I joke about it all the time. I'm the Suzy Homemaker and she's Workin' Wendy. She's not baking any more than I'm heading off to the workforce, basically.

A couple days ago, she sent me a cartoon.

It's weirdly 'US'. (click it to make it bigger and readable!)


  1. Love it. =-)
    I tried to go the natural route with mine...
    You'd certainly not guess it now, the way they eat junk around here!

  2. As a former workin' Wendy...How I can relate! Too funny! You Suzie Homemakers intimidate the Hell outta me!

  3. I went processed all the way with all my kids, but I sure wouldn't now. I don't think the option ever even crossed my mind back then.

  4. I only wish I had been better about this when my babies were little.



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