Monday, July 6, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today...Monday, July 6th

Outside my window... it's dark...but not hot. IT RAINED TODAY!!!!

I am thinking... that I am going to be singing "I'm picking out a Thermos for youuuuuu" for the next week.

From the learning rooms... summer break. Our brains are on vacation!

I am thankful for...sweets. I've been craving sweets like y'all would not believe lately.

From the kitchen... apple crisp in the oven! (Yes, I know what time it is.)

I am wearing... blue striped pajama pants, white t shirt, socks

I am reading... Southern Living magazine

I am hoping... that the next few days give me some rain, too

I am creating... this blog post?

I am praying... that Jesse's training classes will be easy for him.

Around the house... slowly but surely with the cleaning

One of my favorite things... The Sound Of Music. "The hills are aliiiiiiiiiive.....with the sound of muuuuuusic".....

A few plans for the rest of the week... since Jesse is off for a few days doing his classes, I'll be taking the opportunity to be a slacker.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

It's a party up in herrrrrrrrrre.

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  1. It rained here too! now it's humid as hell ROFL. Damn, I'm not happy with anything am I?? you know as well as I do in this state the humidity is almost as bad as 100 plus heat, right??? goes hand and hand and I don't like either and you don't :)
    Love you* Teresa

  2. P.S. It's only about 7 weeks till September! Countdown for Fall! then here comes Winter wooohoooo!!

  3. Enjoy that Slacking Time - it sure looks like your pup is willing to enjoy with you!

    Thank you for sharing your Daybook and the inspiration to bake some apple crisp!

  4. "No ordinary Thermos will dooooo." :)

  5. "I'll be taking the opportunity to be a slacker"


  6. I was wondering if you were looking at the "Southern Living" magazine that sells southern stuff for household decorating and entertaining. I am thinking aboutr signing up to sell it. I was drooling on all the cool stuff they have.
    Lisa in Kentucky

  7. Ha! You always post the best pictures. :D

  8. First, if you send me some apple crisp I'll see what I can do about sending you some rain! Nine innings of dodging friggen rain drops and looking into a blury camera is not fun. Second,if your dog plots to murder you in your sleep I don't think you really have anyone else to blame,do you?

  9. Is there any apple crisp left? It sounds sooo good!

    Hope you're having a good week. I'm really behind reading blogs this week.

  10. LOL! Love the photo! Now I'm going to be singing the sound of music all night - thanks a lot pal! ;-P

  11. Visiting and reading your blog

  12. This is so all your thoughts and that picture is hilarious, xv.


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