Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thank Heaven For Little Girls (and big girls, too!)

Since we have moved back to Texas, I have been so very blessed to have some amazing little girls in my life. (other than my own daughter who is amazing in her own right)
Zely turned 1! Her party was at a local pizza place. There were 100+ people in attendance to help the little princess celebrate. sweet, beautiful Lovely One. Don't let this face fool you. She was here last night. She loves to play with my Little People. Yes, those little Fisher Price toys.... I've had them ever since *I* was her age. Anyway, she did not want to leave 'her house and her peoples'. There was screaming. Perhaps you heard her. That wild high pitched noise in Texas last night? That was not a cat dying. That was Valencia. Once they got in the truck and got two houses down, she stopped screaming and asked for a napkin to wipe her face. Once they got three blocks away, she said softly "I so sorry, Ryan." (OMG........can you stand it?! Diana was telling me all this today....)
This is me and Diana (at Zely's party) when there is no screaming Valencia. She's my bestie. :)


  1. Awwwww how cute are those little ones!!


  2. Jealous as Hell,Amy! Jealous as Hell! Two little boys and I love'em to death but browsing the baby section is torture. I know I've talked a great game about,"I don't care what the baby is as long as he or she is healthy." and that's true but looking at the cute little dresses, with the pink hearts on them, the cute little green romper with the teddy bear wearing the purple ribbon on it's head, and the sweet, pink little Moses' basket and all I can think is,"A niece would be great!" Of course I'll love this little person as much as the boys but boys having boring clothes and I have seen enough blue to last a lifetime. Yeah, so again I tell you,"I'm JEALOUS!"

  3. What a pair of sweetie pies! And the big sweetie pies ain't too bad either!

  4. My granddaughter Emmy could give your little friend a run for her money in a screaming contest, lol!

    Thanks for the visit and comment on my blog, and feel free to drop by anytime.



  5. Precious little girls. I'm blessed to be around quite a few and it makes my heart happy!

  6. What beautiful little [and bigger] girls. :)

  7. "...Once they got three blocks away, she said softly "I so sorry, Ryan." (OMG........can you stand it?! Diana was telling me all this today....)"

    Kids can amaze me like that too.

    Zely is a cutie for sure.

  8. I usually have negative associations to Valencia as it is where I live and wish I didn't. That little sweet pea could forever change my associations.

  9. Tears or not those two little ones are cute enough to melt hearts. (Hugs)Indigo


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