Saturday, August 29, 2009

Always Room For More.....BUT.....

All the comments I'm getting about the dog........

Oh, y'all......if you knew how much *I* wanted to keep him.......

........and how much Ryan wants to keep him.........


Jesse says "No! We have too many pets!"

I mean....really? I'm the one taking care of them! Gahhhhhhhhhhh..........


I mean, I know he will get a good home because of sweet demeanor, which is what endears him to me.... (that and the fact that he puts his head in my lap.......or the fact that he because he became a bucking bronco when Jesse tried to hold him to put medicine on his mange, but as soon as I went to hold him and have Jesse put the medicine on, he stood there with his head on my leg wanting to be scratched...)

*another sigh*

(No worries, y'all.........the Humane society here is a No Kill Shelter! I made sure... although it's not like he'll even be there long enough to even make that an issue....)


  1. Here's how you convince Jesse. Tell him it would be his anniversary present and totally get him off the hook from having to buy one. I don't know what guy doesn't fall for this line. Not to mention usually they have no clue to begin with in the gift dept.

    When he relents and the dogs been there for awhile, you can start dropping hints of what you REALLY want for your anniversary. When he says I thought the dog was it, you bat your eyes and say I don't remember that. By that time wonder dog will have made himself at home and it would be hard, very hard to not keep him. Smiles. Uh yeah, I'm a devious bitch when it comes to getting my way with animals. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. As long as you know it's a no-kill shelter, and if he's as lovable as you say...he'll find a happy home!

  3. I really wish you could keep him. Sounds like he's awfully drawn to you.

    I agree with Indigo...tell your hubby it would be a christmas/anniversary/or birthday present. :)


  4. have to convince him. What a beautiful dog. Don't tell him he's a birthday/anniversary/ or Christmas gift. Tell him he's an birthday/anniversary/Christmas gift and ask for nothing else the rest of the year.

  5. I showed the pup's picture to Cassie. He wants him. The "AWWWW" factor is high with this one.

  6. So what happened with the chick that thought he "might be her dog." He obviously likes you better so....

  7. Have been playing catch up here this morning Amy. What a beautiful dog. Maybe you can bat your eyelashes and he'll cave? Maybe not, but at least the shelter is a no kill one, which is good.

  8. I agree with Jesse.
    You have too many pets!


  9. I think the solution is simple: teach the dog to do household repairs, and bring Jesse to the shelter.

    I'm just sayin...


  10. You're my hero...again. Loving and letting go takes a lot of courage and strength. Good luck!!!


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