Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Could Really Use A Nap

GAHHHH........Stupid life keeping me from blogging!

Alright....let jump on in, shall we?
Food stuff. I've been an uninspiring cook lately. There's just so much crap going on that I'm lucky I manage to get some semblance of edibility on the table. Although, I noticed I had a picture of something on my camera.......

Stuffed zucchini. Meh. It was food. That's all I have to say about that.

Then, let's see....night before last, Ryan came home from the movies with the boys and told us to come outside. It seems there were three dogs roaming the neighborhood. So. At 12 AM, there we are, trying to wrangle three barking dogs. We tried for an hour but only one would come to us (even after the entire package of bologna we fed them.....). Then two of them took off. Then they came back. Then we noticed a big white dog chasing the 2 other dogs (Boston terriers). I should note that there I am gallivanting around the neighborhood in my nightgown. Jesse called the white dog, who came into the backyard and had a snack and some water and laid down. The one friendly Boston Terrier came into the backyard as well. The other two went running and Jesse said he thought they ran over to the neighbor's house across the street and crawled under the fence, so he went and knocked on their door to see if the other terrier was theirs, too. Nobody answered, and soon after, a police cruiser came by, turned the corner, and parked. OOOOOOkay.....trying to catch a dog and the police come and stare at you like you're a burglar. Pfft. Whatever.

Here's the pretty white dog. Very sweet and gentle....really playful. Also really neglected. He had fleas and mange. (GAHHHHHH WASH YOUR HANDS BOYS AND GIRLS!)

Anyway, the next day we took him to the Humane Society where they told us they had no room for him and to call back tomorrow. ($25 fee for dropping off an animal, mind you.) No choice but to bring him back home, which we did. Adrian and the dog were hanging out in the front yard while Jesse sprayed the back yard for fleas (that we didn't want our dogs to catch). We were planning on bathing the dog and putting some Frontline on him, too. At that point, this girl walks by and says "Hey, I think that's my dog......" so I go out there and ask her what is name is and blah blah blah..... Then I said "Okay, well do you have a collar and leash for him that you can go get?" She looks at me like I'm crazy and says "". I'm looking at her like 'okay, well what do you want t odo?' and she's there looking at me, so I said "Okay, well, I guess you can keep those....?" "Okay." she says. She takes the leash from me, walks off with the dog as far away from him as she can be. I'm like 'WTF? If she doesn't want the dog, why bother even claiming it?! At least at the pound, it could have a good home!' omg, y'all.....I was peeved. If I see her again, I'm telling her that if they decide not to take care of their dog (hello.) that I'll take him. I freaking hate irresponsible animal owners. Hate. Them.

*exhale* Breathe.....breathe.....

Other stuff........we remembered we had a pen in the garage that we could use for the bunny. We set it up and then of course, we had to play with it before the bunny made his home in it.....

.......and Thumper, who loves a good cuddle. LOVES a cuddle.

.....and while Gordo would be more than happy to cuddle the bunny, he knows he is not supposed to be close to the bunny, because we have some doubts about his baby sitting abilities.

and the grand finale of this post is something we did not get pictures of because we had no time.

We have a piece of crap car. It's been giving us problems with a water leak among other things. It stalled along the road when Ryan was driving it, and when we went to go pick her up and switch cars (we were on 'date night' least I got dinner, even if I didn't get a movie...), it made all sorts of noises on the way home. Oh, wait....I'm getting ahead of myself. When the car stalled on the side of the road, luckily, my nephew was driving by and saw he stopped and put some oil and water in there to try to troubleshoot.

Jesse and I got the car home that night, and he decided he was going to work on it the next day. Now, I don't know much about car parts and what-have-you, so bear with me, here.... A bolt just would not loosen, so my nephew tells my husband that he should heat up the bolt with a blow torch, and the metal will....contract or something. (My nephew is a pretty decent mechanic as well...)

Well. He did. and then the car caught on fire. Remember the oil from the day before? My nephew spilled some on the engine or whatever, and the oil CAUGHT ON FIRE. There's Jesse grabbing the hose, and spraying it - making it worse...and then Alex comes running in..."I need the fire machine!" and I'm like "Wha?" and then Jesse opens the door and yells for me...really loudly....(like I'm deaf?). I guess that Alex wants the fire extinguisher and come outside, Jesse grabs it and sprays the fire. I'm standing there thinking 'okay, really?'

Jesse looks at me and says "I'm glad no one in our neighborhood is home during the day."

*sigh* Classy neighborhood, folks. Don't you want to be my neighbor?


  1. You want classy neighbors, come live by me. You wouldn't believe it. I feel like our trailer house is right out of Better Homes and Gardens after I look at their homes. Pretty quiet lately, though. The next-door felon is away at rehab.

  2. I'm not laughing. I'm really not. I promise.

    That sound you hear is maniacal cackling.


    I loves you, punkin.

    And OMG did that bunny get big!!


    Really. I'm not.

    As for the sweet white doggie...shame on those people for not caring properly for him! That infuriates me, too.

  4. I forgot to mention...I LOVE stuffed zucchini! Yum!

  5. dude, you are living life the way it goes for me. "Can't we all just get along?" "Can't we all just be rich and happy?" LOL

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  7. I am laughing. Why hide? Bunny near dog's face scares me, a lot. ~Mary

  8. My neighbors already think I'm eccentric. Thing is...I like it that way. I've purposely let my yard go to bug the daylights out of them. No serious...I have.

    Even if it was her dog, I might of been hesitant to let her have it with no collar or leash. It pisses me off seeing people who own pets and neglect them. To me it's just as bad as having a child and abusing them. (Hugs)Indigo

  9. Haha, that dog resisting the urge to eat that rabbit is freaking cracking me up. What a great face!

    Sucks about the car, man. Cash for clunkers!

  10. Running the streets in a nightgown, mangy dogs, burning cars...what's not to love?

    You can be my neighbor anyday. :)


  11. Fire, dogs, bunny and mange - oh my! What a week! I think your stuffed zucchini looks good by the way.
    Can't we keep the pretty white dog? Pleeeease?

  12. Have I told you how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your family?

  13. YES!!! I do!

    Here, if the city has to pick up your dog (for not having a leash or whatever) once, the fee is like $50. The second time, it's like $75. The third time, it's $100 and you don't get to take your dog back home. It goes to the shelter or the pound or somewhere. Maybe you should charge that girl next time she comes looking for her dog.

    Sorry, but I've been away from BlogLand for a while... But I've been thinking about you, wondering how you've been and everything.
    Maybe you can just catch me on my "real" blog...
    areyoukidding-wendy dot blogspot dot com


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