Monday, August 24, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY, August 24th, 2009 ...

Outside My Window... it's bright and sunny, and honestly, hurting my eyes. I've closed the blinds.

I am thinking... that I am not as gung ho as before about being on a diet. Sure, being chubby is a bit of an annoyance, but being on a diet restricts me and I'm not able to do the things I love. Cooking, baking, etc....

I am thankful for... the internet. If i didn't have it, then I could have to clean all day.

From the kitchen... there's still a mess from last night's hot wings. I don't know what's on the menu for tonight, but I'm hoping I don't have to make it. I'm just not in the mood.

I am wearing... denim capri pants and a red and white paisley print sleeveless shirt.

I am going... probably nowhere. Meh.

I am reading... Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

I am hoping... hoping. Hoping doesn't really make it, not really hoping for anything lately. (ray of sunshine, aren't I?)

I am hearing... the TV. Hour 2 of Hannah Montana. *cries*

Around the house... Same old same old.

One of my favorite things... is rain. We had a decent rain the other day. More of that would be nice.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... I'm guessing some groceries need to be purchased, but after that, no plans.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Sheep. in Ireland. (that I didn't take, but still....)

~The Simple Woman's Daybook~ has more Daybookers! Check 'em the Daybook yourself, too! Ah come on...... what else do you have to do for the next 15 minutes?!


  1. I love your capacity for paradox. No need to be a ray of sunshine. I like you just as you are( ooh, I sound like Jerry McGuire).

  2. Amy, don't throw the low carb away!!! I just got back on myself and could use a great cheerleader who is going through the same thing. Linda Sue's site has a million things you could make. Or, have you ever had Dana Carpender's Heroin Wings??? So good!!! I'll pass the recipe on if you promise to keep up the good work. **waving recipe frantically in the air**

  3. I want to go to Ireland! Can we go together? And see the sheep? And drink Irish lager? :)

    And yea, I'd be crying too if I had to listen to Hannah Montana AT ALL, let alone for 2 hours straight.

    [Aggghhh! My ears are bllleeeedddiinnnnggg!]


  4. Great daybook Amy. About weight loss, I have a suggestion, Paul McKenna. He has a great book that comes with a self hypnosis cd, called I can make you thin. I've been doing hypnotherapy for 3 months now, have lost about 28 pounds and it's been relatively painless. (and you've seen the kinds of food I've been eating) It's not a diet and you can eat whatever you want, as long as you only eat when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied. It works. SEriously.

  5. Hi, Amy, thanks for coming to The Marmelade Gypsy! I'm so glad you left a comment -- bread crumbs, these comments are, so we can find our way to new and delightful blogs! And I really have been enjoying yours!

    (And chili lime nuts? That's one of those had me at hello sort of things!)

  6. If we didn't have the Internet, I'd find something else so that I didn't have to clean all day. LOL

    My MIL was teasing me the other day, said that since I'm not working, you'd think our house would be spotless. (She really was teasing.) I said, "Yeah, but there's a lot more fun things to do than clean all day!" :)

    Hugs, Beth


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