Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sweet As Honey Pie - Or Not

I read a post today, and as a Southern Woman, I was shocked.


Not by the post itself, mind you.....but about the girl written about in the post.

Please go and read...... What I Learned Today...: At the mall

Who does that?!


  1. I'm just as shocked that you were up at 9:48 am to publish this post.
    I left him a comment. She was a feminazi, not a feminist. AND THEY love attention.~Mary

  2. I just read his blog and left a comment. What comes around goes around. She got hers for being so mean! LOL

  3. Not me. I smile and say thank you. I also hold the door for others. That woman has some issues.

  4. I am always amazed when I read of someone's ungracious behaviour to others. I don't know why. I guess I expect everyone to be thoughtful and caring. That woman was a terrible example of southern womanhood, at least in my experience.

  5. *Stupid* people, that's who.
    And people who only think of themselves, not of the feelings of the person they're talking to (yelling at).

  6. It's the power of threes....what you put out into the universe, you get back times three.

    Karma is such a bitch. :D

    But oh, how I wish I could have taped the entire scene so I could post it on youtube. LOL

    Okay, okay. That would be harming somebody and I can't do that either. But how tempting!

    What a first class biotch!

  7. Wow. That girl has some serious issues. I thank people when they hold the door, and I hold the door for others, too. Just because.

    I also ask the checker at any given store how she is, instead of answering her inquiry with a brusque "fine" and then ignoring her.

    I'm also nice to waiters and others in the service industries. People who aren't leave me cold.


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