Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mama Needs Some Pretties!

Tonight/this morning - whatever you want to call it, I'm feeling blerg.......and I need some cheering up....

Cheering in winning some cool stuff.

The cool stuff I want to win is here:

Chic Chat: Chic Chat's Fall Giveaway Contest!

Click iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttt.

Y'all know I like blogs that have witty authors (and awesome giveaways) - which the Chic Chat girls offer on both counts.

Sephora, Vera Bradley.......hello. Stuff that doesn't suck. I like stuff that doesn't suck.

Unlike dirty dishes. Cleaning toilets. Picking up dog poo. Those things all kinda suck.

(erm....that was an awkward ending for an entry. Dog poo. Oh least you never know what to expect with me......)


  1. There it is. Your 6-word autobiography: "I like stuff that doesn't suck".



  2. Hi Texas Blogger!
    Cheer up!
    *How's that?*

  3. I'm not clicking on it. It's gonna be girlie crap.

    Find a website that gives away free guy stuff like plasma TV's, Playstations and Harleys and maybe I'll click on that.
    Otherwise, stop bothering me with your naggging ways! :o)
    I don't wanna click on it and you can't make shove it!


  4. Yay! Good luck!

    ...and yes, picking up the dog poo does suck ;)

  5. Amy, I went over there and started following and left your name and site-stuff so's you'd get more points.
    I'm not into all that stuff, but you knew I'd do it FOR YOU!!!

  6. ETW - yes, because you're cool like that. Hee....

  7. Please let us know what stuff that doesn't suck that you end up getting.


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