Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Past Few Days..... pictures...

Thumper got a bath......

Me and Adrian had a slumber party....
He told me secrets.....and....
......we watched TV.....and.....
....snuggled a little bit. My almost 11 year old still loves his mom. :)
....also, Rosalita had her own slumber party. No one was invited, though...

......we went to Whole Foods for some gluten free stuff for Ryan to see if gluten is the cause of her stomach issues.... and also to Sams. Jesse was carrying what we bought at Sams out of the store, looked down, and started giggling. Idiot. So I took a picture when we got home. *shakes head*

..........while we were at Whole Foods, I got........concord grapes. How I love them so. I MUST buy them once every Fall or I will sulk about it til the next Fall.
Oh.......and Sophie is doing fine after her seizure, although she has requested that she must sleep with me, on my pillow, in order to let go of her traumatic experience. She put her paw on my arm and looked at me with eyes that said "Mama....I almost died! Can I sleep with you?" so of course I said yes. (because that's just the kind of pushover I am)
.......and I would be remiss without mentioning how much the past two days have been awesomeness upon awesomeness because it has been in the 60s and raining. I am so blissed out, I don't know what to do with myself. I'm wearing a sweatshirt!! (Who said 'happier than a pig in slop'?!?!? I heard you!) We slept with the windows open!! (Well....until 6 AM when the damned school crossing guard started blowing her damned whistle.) ends the blog entry. One of the kidlets is asking for a ham 'n cheese omelet.


  1. Haha, that rabbit is awesome. I can't wait for it to hit the 60s around here. Just the tiniest nip of coolness in the air lately has me on a natural high. Love the fall!

  2. Oh man, I am with Tricia...I am totally a brisk fall type of person.

    Cash in on that 11 year old mom-love. soon enough come other interests. They still love you, but just focused elsewhere.

  3. Love the pic of Thumper in her little babushka!

  4. Ah, that Thumper is just too cute to be real. Looks like he enjoys a bath.

  5. Okay, the bunny bath is just too cute! Our bunnies would have clawed the shit out of us if we'd done that. LOL

    Loved the 'sleepover' pictures. :)


  6. Great catching up on all of your goings on Amy! I think you lead a totally fascinating life, I really do!

  7. I love the bunny bath and the slumber party idea. Maybe one of these days, Gavin and I will pull out a sleeping back and cuddle on the living room floor!

  8. Beautiful!

    And I love the pic of the rabbit all snuggled up in the towel. That face is like, "Ohhhh, it's sooo good to be loved. Mmmm."

  9. Hasn't the temperature just been heaven the last couple of days?! I have my sleeved shirt on again. I haven't had to turn on the A/C....yippee!

    That bunny is too cute. I want one.

  10. You've been a busy woman. Rosalita looks so sweet! We needed rain here in Michigan, too. Hate the gloom, but it was time!

  11. Is that a bong on the table behind you :o)

    Sara took Jason off of dairy products to help with his stomach issues...

  12. Dude. Sausage and nuts? ROFL....

  13. You seriously did a sleepover with him? That is so cool!


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