Friday, September 18, 2009

The Week In Review

This past week, my in laws were up from Mexico, so my posting was kinda....nonexistent.

There was, of course, all kinds of craziness right from the get-go, though.

When my in laws were driving in, they were about a mile away from the turn off to our house and.........the front tire exploded and went flying off....taking the.....metal....part.....thing....with it. When they finally towed the van to our house, I looked at my FIL and said "Look.....we love when you come here, but there is no need to make such a dramatic entrance all the time." Hee....

..........and we finally celebrated Alex's birthday. My middle child is 18. I currently have two adult children. What. The. Crap? I am old enough to have two adult children!!! *sigh*

oh........and I made something that my family, my in laws, and everybody who passed through my house became addicted to.

Sugared nuts. The first batch was pecans, the second batch was walnuts, and the third batch was walnuts and cashews. Y'all....I went through almost 7 pounds of nuts in one week. The cool thing was......that since my MIL is diabetic and also because me and Jesse are on a diet, I used Splenda instead of sugar. They were a success. (and by success, I mean I had to make a huge batch every other day.)

How to make 'em?

Mix one cup of sugar (or Splenda) with 3 tsp. of cinnamon, and 1/2 tsp of salt in a small bowl.

In another (larger) bowl, beat two egg whites until frothy. Pour in 1 lb. of nuts (whatever kind you like) and mix until the nuts are coated with the egg whites. Mix the sugar mixture into the nuts. When they're fully covered, turn them out onto a well greased cookie sheet, and pat it down so it makes a single layer. Put the nuts in the oven for 30 minutes at 300.....take 'em out and let them cool for a minute or two until you can handle them.....break 'em up, and store them in a ziploc bag or candy dish or whatever....

Now.....if anybody in your family likes some heat with their sweet, sprinkle a light dusting of cayenne pepper after you take the nuts out of the oven. They'll still be a smidge damp so the pepper will stick as they dry.

Nuts are good for you, and the sugar count is zero, so there you go. Snack away. (and to show how awesome they FIL took the gallon bag I gave him and hid it. I gave my MIL her own bag and she hid hers. LOL)

What else........oh! Sacha is still here:
He's pretty okay with it though.
I contacted a Samoyed Rescue, and they said they thought he was a White Siberian. Not much luck in getting in contact with the Siberian Rescue, but the Samoyed Rescue has been really helpful.........
I think that pretty much concludes my week. Except for Rosalita being sick (the cat....picture of her pitifulness to come)......


  1. Sounds like an exciting, crammed to the hilt with adventure (not to mention tasty nuts), awesome week!!! Whew!! I wonder what next week will bring! Have a fabulous weekend! xxoo

  2. I hope Alex had a fabulous birthday, and that the next week isn't quite so dramatic as this one was!

  3. I'll be trying that today with cashews. Thanks!

  4. Sounds like a fun visit...LOL at the dramatic entrance! It cracks me up that your in-laws hid their bags of nuts. They must have been some serious good! Hugs, Beth

  5. sounds like a fun week.

    I need to try making those nuts. i have a craving now ;) LMAO that they hid their nuts. is almost time to hibernate.

    I dunno, Sacha looks like a Samoyed to me too. I had an american eskimo years ago, the mini-version..and he looked identical to sacha.

  6. Wait. What? Your cock had a seizure?

    I had to have read this incorrectly.

    Whatever happened, I hope everybody is okay. :(

    Sounds like a fun week! Do you think brown sugar would work on the nuts? Or Stevia? I don't use Splenda...full of chlorine. :(

    Whatever that pooch is, he's gorgeous. I hope you keep him forever. :)


  7. Amy, the recipe turned out better than I thought. Great, thanks.

  8. I still love that dog. I swear, if it was up to me, I'd drive down there and take him off your hands.

    Happy birthday Alex! I'm still coming to grips with the fact that my oldest is old enough to learn to drive. (now, getting off her butt to do the homework part is a different thing. At this rate, she'll be 30 before getting her license).

    Mmm.... sugared pecans... ohh, yessss...

    [P.S. Thanks for the subscription! Is it odd that it made me all nostalgic? Hehee.]

  9. I'm convinced the longer Sacha is with you - she's yours.

    Happy Belated Birthday to Alex. It's strange having an adult child isn't it?


  10. I KNEW white dog was going to come through. Face it, it's meant to be.

    Thanks for the nut recipe, I've eaten them and loved them, but never had the push to find the recipe.

  11. Poor kitty! Lovely doggy! Delicious nuts and bday celebrations. Sounds like a good week unless you were the cat.

  12. Wow -- glad no one was hurt with the tire. The nuts sound fabulous -- so glad that you posted about the Splenda. I've never used that, wanted to but always been unsure. Nuts are an expensive thing to blow the whole recipe! So, now I'm going to try it!


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