Saturday, September 26, 2009

A WTF and An 'Awwww' All In One

Every once in a while, my neighbor has get-togethers. That's cool....'cause I have alot of family over at my house, too...... but sometimes, their people drop stuff.
Y'all please tell me this is not what I think it is....

and a gratuitous 'awwwwww'....... (Bunny's got a big butt, doesn't he?!)


  1. Looks like a coke bag to me, NOT THAT I WQULD KNOW! Haha, that rabbit is several different kinds of awesome.

  2. Maybe there was a pair of earrings in that bag...?

    Yeah...probably not. :(

  3. Let's hope it was a pair of earrings in the bag like Beth suggested! LOL

  4. Awesomely cute bunny...and hubby.

  5. I'm too old the know that stuff. But as I've said before, that bunny is precious.

  6. Oh, you know... A teeny baggie with traces of, um, white stuff... Sugar, maybe? (Ok, I don't think anyone is that naive.)

    Bunny's got a cutie-booty!

  7. OMG!!!! The bunny picture is sooooo cute. I just hope the bunny doesn't get gas when your husband holds it like that. Yes, Lily does occasionally make smells that don't smell like flowers.;-)

  8. Oh your bunny is soo cute. I can't believe how tame he is. I adore the pictures of you and your son during your "slumber party". So sweet. Sons truly are a blessing.

  9. That looks like a coke baggie to me too. Makes sure it gets in your neighbors trash not yours. Use tongs.

    That bunny is so cute. I am fighting the urge to run down to the feed store and get one now.

  10. Ha! That's a pretty fancy silky bag to be a coke bag!

  11. Upon second look, it's not one of those silk ones, is it? Now it looks like a ziplock. Oh Oh.

  12. Oh yes. I'd say it's exactly what you think it is. LOL

    Your bunny is so sweet!
    I wish ours had been more loving.

    ::now cue "Shakin' That Ass"::

  13. Yikes! It definitely looks like what you think it is...

    Adorable bunny!! I used to have a dwarf bunny but I developed severe allergies to her =( I heart bunnies!

  14. I don't agree with the folks who are assuming it's a coke bag. There are a lot of other possibilities. For example, it could have had heroin.

    When traveling I sometimes put single doses of meds (legitimate ones) in bags like that. So who knows?

    For the record, though, I think you're right to be suspicious.

    Always enjoy reading you...


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