Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Anglophilia and A.D.D. - Not That The Two Are Connected....

I'm an Anglophile. It's no secret, right? I told Jesse today that we could not get any more pets because I plan on moving to the UK and they have really strict rules when it comes to moving with your pets. (Don't y'all like how I told him we were moving?)
I also told him I was decorating our bedroom like this. Tell me this isn't totally English...

This image is from Jane at Posy. To say I love her blog is an understatement. Every time I go visit her blog, it's like a happy little mini vacation for me. If Jesse doesn't go for my redocorating, maybe she'll let me move in with her. (You know....because people just let strangers move in with them....) He's balking at the idea, but he said "'s too feminine for me, but if you want?" Uh, yes. I want. And really, who is going to come into our bedroom and say "Haaaaaa.....Jesse has a pink bedroom!"?

Oh! Also, I ordered the Cath Kidston catalogue, which has lots more beautiful things like Jane's. (Although I'd wager a bet that Jane got her stuff for alot cheaper than what's in the catalogue! She's a thrift store/charity shop shopper! WooHoo!)

and speaking of thrift store shopping, check out what kinds of goodies I found at my thrift store this morning! Sconces (I typed 'scones' initially. Ha ha...yes, I'll have some of those, too, please), candle holders, a mirror, bunch of picture frames, a wall flower thingie, a pink wooden basket, and a couple adorable clothes as well! Score for me! Everything was less than $3.00 (per piece) so I did brilliantly! Now I just need a couple cans of white spray paint. going along with my Anglo obsession, A Prodigal Tourist , which is a totally awesome blog......not only because Denis and Frances (The Prodigal Couple) are smart and speak proper English (ohhh, if you only knew how much proper English meant to me.....)....but also because they go back and forth to the UK and the US. Denis is English, Frances is American, so there you are. They are also having a giveaway, which I don't even really need to win, as much as I want to pimp out their blog.

Moving on to some non-English yammering, my foot is killing me. Right where the arch and heel connect is heinously painful when I walk. (Yes, I'm doing the penguin weeble wobble walk. Don't hate - you know you want to do it, too.) Jesse keeps trying to tell me I need to go to the doctor and get a shot of cortisone in my foot. *blink* A shot in my foot. Hmm. Lemme think on that. Will I be knocked out? No? Then I'll have to just suck it up and deal with that mess. He's all 'You have plantars fascitis, too! No more going barefoot!' What? Uh, no, dude. Shoes are Evil Incarnate. Maybe I can deal with slippers, but shoes? Tsk.

Adding to my never ending crazy mojo - Sacha...........has worms. I mean, really? REALLY? GAHHHHHHHHHHHH. So, now I have to walk the other dogs in the front and keep them separated for the next two days. The look on Sacha's face that he can't be inside with his buddies is so pitiful. SO. PITIFUL. Buuuuttttt.........I don't want to deal with anybody else getting worms, so meh. After we gave him the worming meds, he didn't want to eat. Usually, he won't eat unless I'm there next to him, but even then, he just looked at me and laid down with a sad face. Awwwwwwww.......I'm a horrible mommy!

Rounding out the entry (yes, this is almost the end of me yapping on and on......) I made this really awesome soup. Italian Sausage Soup - All Recipes
The only change I made was that I used frozen spinach instead of fresh, because the texture of fresh skeeves me out, but y'all have to try this. It's so freaking good. and by 'good', I mean I had three bowls.

That is all.


  1. Oh, wow. I should totally go thrift-store hopping one of these days. Do you know I moved THREE YEARS ago and my walls are still bare, except for my calendar and bulletin board over my desk. Aahhhh. People keep trying to foist my grandma's extra paintings from her house on me, but.. hello? I don't really need an oil painting of a duck, or some random guy fishing. The black and white one with the mountains and lightning? So totally snatched up before I could get to it. NOT FAIR.

    I'll trade 'em for the duck. I will. Helluva deal, man.

  2. I like that style too! The more flowers the better!

  3. Pretty. As far Sacha poor thing! Give him extra hugs for me.

  4. I go barefoot around the house constantly in the summer. I'd cry if I couldn't walk around barefoot anymore!

  5. Hi Amy,
    That soup sounds great ... so do the scones.

  6. Poor Sacha. How sad, Hope it's all better soon. I love Kath Kidston stuff! I am an Anglophile too. Hey, You'll have to come over and visit me sometime! I'd love that. I love that bedroom picture at the top of your page as well. How lovely!

  7. Hey, I dig that room...and I don't even like pink that well. But it's just SOOO comfy and homey. The perfect place to be on a rainy day.

    LOVE those thrift store finds!!! great would those frames look on a Samhain altar?

    I'm sorry Sacha has worms. Poor baby. :( But hopefully he'll feel better after his treatment.

    I'm with ya...I HATE SHOES. I'm barefoot 95% of the time.


  8. Yay for the thrift store scores. The best thing about the whole English country style is that it NEEDS to be mostly junk store in order not to be precious. Remember, you can never have too many patterns.

  9. Poor puppy!! Give him a hug for me. I love the look of that bedroom! Comfy and cozy, for sure.
    As for the sconces/scones....I used to always confuse the two. Especially in the 7th grade when one week I was making sconces in wood shop on Tuesday, and making scones in Home Economics on Thursday. No joke.


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