Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dogs and Food - Not Dog Food

........although, I do make my own dog food, but that's beside the point.

Jesse was talking to me last week and mentioned that I should make more soups for the next few weeks. He's trying to lose weight, and he says broth fills him up without eating as much. I have to keep it low carb, I've been scouring allrecipes and recipezaar. We've had chicken soup......caldo de res (beef vegetable)......bean and sausage...... and more soup. I found a recipe for Drew's Pizza Soup.......but that took a little work (Heaven forbid) I went looking for an easier one.....and came across this one - Pepperoni Pizza Soup Recipe from George Duran. It was a hit, especially with the kids. I used tiny pasta and just put a little in the bottom of the bowl instead of mixing it in, but still..... cooking is all about making a recipe work for you, right?

Tomorrow, I think it'll be pork and green chile soup.......and albondigas (meatball soup) the day after. I am so glad the weather cooled off this week so we can be more in the soup mood.

In other news, y'all will never guess who the new member of our family is.

Shocker, isn't it?

Then, Jesse reveals to me that he's been wanting a long haired dachschund. Whaaaaaaaa? Where the hell did that come from?! Lemme just train the new one before we go getting dog # 12, okay?!?! Geeeez. (Hee.....don't you guys love how I'm all self righteous about that....)


  1. Oh what a sweet face and a beautiful white coat! Your site is great.
    Happy Twirls
    My puppy is having a GIVEAWAY to celebrate his birthday on HALLOWEEN - 7 piece French Home Wine Set

  2. I don't WANT a doxie... but it's impossible not to love them. I should know. I babysit one often.

  3. I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I knew you'd keep Sacha. The minute I heard that Ryan had named him I said,"There's no way they can get rid of him now!" It's fate. Never name a pet or you'll wind up with him or her forever! Seriously! Anyway, the soups look yummy. Next week I'm planning on making some soup and some chillie. I am SO HAPPY YOU KEPT HIM,Amy. Really.

  4. Oooh...that soup looks yummy. I bet Doug would LOVE it.

    I'm so glad you're keeping the doggy...he was meant to be with you. :)

    And dachshunds are GREAT pets. I had one for 14 years. His name was Oscar (creative name for a weiner dog, eh?). He was short-haired though.


  5. Yayy!! I knew you'd keep him! That soup looks yummy Amy, and the others sound delish as well!!

  6. If you can find a tomato soup you like to start with, go for it. That's how I used to make it, too. I'd just use a can of Campbell's tomato soup, only add half the water it calls for, then add garlic and oregano.

    Now, of course, I think most canned soups are evul, but that's my hang-up.

  7. Wow, that soup looks good.

    YAYYY!!!!! You get to keep Sasha! Cassie says that's good, so he'll be well taken care of until she can get to San Antonio to pick him up. :D

    If it were up to me, I'd drive her down to get him... if you could even give him up. But it's not up to me, so, meh. I'm glad he's got a good home and you've got a new cuddlebug.

  8. That soup looks delicious.

    That puppy is a perfect new member for the family. Congratulations to Jesse for finding have such a wonderful new family.

  9. You kept Sacha...well, cut off my legs and call me Shorty! :) LOL

    I just commented on a blog, right before I read yours, and the topic was soup! The author had made a veggie and lentil soup, and I made a pot of chili on Friday (leftovers tonight, yay). I've been getting in the mood for more soup, and I've got a black bean soup recipe for the crockpot that I thought turned out really good when I made it last year. Drop me a line if you want the recipe. Hugs, Beth

  10. It's soup season here in Michigan, too -- those sound great. Loved the photo -- it's lunchtime and your lunch looks better than mine!

  11. I'm making white bean and chicken chili for supper---it's loaded with cream and cheese and butter and I can't wait!


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