Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For The Birds

I love birds. (well....except for geese. Foul, hostile beasts. Y'all remember that goose that came after me and bit me on the thigh, don't you?) Before the rains came, I had birds out and about in my yard because what with the cooler temps coming in, I start putting out food for them for the Autumn and Winter.

the crows are a fun bunch.....they hop around and pick up what the sparrows drop. They're also the most fun to watch in the birdbath....

....the 2nd bird feeder is where the sparrows come because the crows get nervous being that close to the house. (probably because of the idiot dogs barking at them nonstop)

......they show up one at a time for a while.....and then I look out and there's 10 balanced on it at the same time...

.......this one, I have no idea how I managed to get an in-flight photo, but there it is.... I impress myself. It's okay, you can be impressed, too.

I took one more of three sad little sparrows huddled together on the fence as it rained (and it was a pretty pitiful sight), but since I can't figure out how to load the pictures, I'll have to wait for one of the kids to get home and help me. (Oh, if I were only kidding....)


  1. I AM impressed! nice pics. But I hate crows. I just can't stand that awful squawking they do. Don't like bluejay;s for the same reasons.

  2. I love all birds. We get a lot of pleasure here at Oak Cottage, feeding them and watching them. I would love to have a cat sometimes, but I love watching the birds more and so I don't . . . have a cat that is!

  3. I love my birdfeeders!!! We've got a large population of cardinals (which I love) that seem to enjoy our yard.
    Unfortunately, so far this year they're all hanging out at the feeder that's furthest away from our house. Once they get courageous and start using the one closer to our house I'm hoping to get some fun yours. :-)

  4. And I *am* impressed! =-)

    I like crows. Did you know they can be trained to talk? I've read a book by a "nature lady" who had allllllll sorts of animals off and on over the years, and she had a crow they got when it was a baby, and she said it learned to talk.

    When I told my Dad about it, he said he had an uncle who had a crow, and IT talked too!
    Huh! I had no idea!

  5. Have you thought about catching them and making sparrow pie?


  6. I don't feed much in the summer, but it's time to begin again as they bulk up for winter. Very nice photos. I have trouble catching birds well!

  7. Amy!
    I saw something on someone's blog and, for some reason, immediately thought of you!
    Weird... I know. Sorry.
    Anyway, go here:

    She has a Halloween recipe I think you'll LOVE!!! (It's on a post dated 10/22)
    (I'd copy & paste it but...
    I'm lame!)

  8. Hi Amy!
    We have the bottom half of your bird feeder--can't bring ourselves to throw it out... Nice pictures, you obviously have a heart of gold.
    Posted part II if you want to know and yet what...

  9. Love the in motion photo you captured! I love feeding my wild birds although I learned to feed them on the opposite side of the house from where my bedroom window is - they got to where they'd wake me up before sunrise on the weekends wanting their feeder filled - not that it matters now, my kitties also think I should get up at dawn so I'm up anyway ::rolling eyes::
    Have a great week! :-)

  10. Okay, yea....that in-flight pic is pretty darn impressive. LOL


  11. I love bird watching in my backyard. I have feeders up too and I think I'm the only one! Last winter it was -40C here and I swear I had every bird in the city in my yard! The only downfall is I have a stupid Hawk who comes now and then and trys to prey on my little feathered friends. He is my enemy!!LOL


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