Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Somethin' Ain't Right....

Yeah,'s October and all the evil has come out to play, yadda yadda yadda.....

Some of you remember my blog from back in the Florida days and we had ghosts in our house. Nothing too bad, but still....

Then we moved here to this house, and to be honest, we were glad it was a new house with no associations or anything attached to it.

Two nights ago, Ryan came down crying that something had touched her in her sleep.....flung her body from a side position into laying on her back. So, I went up and saged her room...and slept with her so she could sleep. When she had been asleep, she started crying 'No! No! No!' and then got flipped from her side onto her back. She said she was half awake from her talking so she knew it wasn't an involuntary twitch or something.....

Last night, Jesse (who is skeptical of 'all the craziness') was in bed at 2 AM watching TV. We can see the boys room from our room.....and their TV casts a light against their wall and reflects back to ours.... they were asleep, but had left the TV on. Jesse leaned to the side to get more comfortable, and glanced out and saw a full on block-the-light black out shadow of a person. He was like 'what the.......Ryan can't sleep again?!' So he got up and Ryan was asleep, the boys were asleep and he started freaking out. He told me this morning that he thought about waking me up, but didn't.....

So. Uhhhh........what the crap?


  1. Ahhh...I'm an idiot. I'm getting ready to shut off all the lights in the house and go to bed. And I read this...sigh...I'm not sleeping well tonight am I? (Hugs)Indigo

  2. I can't complain about the entity that haunts my house. Why? It's Sasha. Seriously. She died in front of my bedroom door and you can still see her outline there as well as if you're in the kitchen alone you can occasionally hear her collar tags. Strange but she's still here and I love her for that. Wow. Btw, want me to send my pastor over to bless the house?!

  3. Yikes! As much as I love horror movies and books, I want them to stay fictional! I would freak if something like that happened to me.

  4. Tell it/them to GO AWAY (open a doorway, tell them to go to the "light", and send them through).

    If they don't go, call... um, what's that show on cable???

  5. oh gosh, this gives me the willies Amy! You need to ask for some divine help in getting rid of whatever it is!

  6. Wow...I'm glad I'm not alone. There have been some creepy things happening in my house as well. Nothing recent, but I'm expecting something any day now.... :-)

  7. Love this post! I was awoken this morning by something cold and damp stepping on my face, quite a shocker...turned out to be the kitty, but it was a funny feeling! Happy Halloween?

  8. I have an award on my blog for ya =)

  9. Do you think maybe an entity got through during a circle casting perhaps?

    I've heard of that happening to many folks, especially if the circle isn't closed.

    That is rather creepy though. :(

    Especially if the entity is strong enough to actually MOVE your daughter. Eeek!

    Keep us updated, love.


  10. Hate it when that happens. try this: go outside and find a good smooth rock, like a river rock. Something round. Walk through the house and hold it high over your head and sweep the rooms and all the walls like you are dusting for cobwebs. Suck all that negative energy crap right into the rock. When you have done the whole house, take the rock outside away from the house and throw it over your shoulder and leave it behind you. It may take two applications, but it usually works.

  11. Yikes. Now THAT's creepy. Creepy.


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