Friday, November 20, 2009

Fairy Gardens, Dog Food, and Birds Gone Wild

Today = rainy & cloudy WooHoo! If only every day was like this. Of course it's humid, though, so my air conditioner is still on (and my sinuses are saying 'Thank You' because they apparently do not like 'Real Fresh Air'.) Even with the windows closed and the hum of the A/C, I can still hear the birds partyin' it on up outside. It's like Birds Gone Wild or something. Squawking and fluttering.... my poor cat is about to faint from the excitement.

Anyway, moving on [to other dramatic medical maladies]..........the husband was giving me a foot massage the other night because my foot was hurting so much. I'm telling y'all.....I was just about in tears. He says two things to me. First, "Damn, woman....did you shower today? Your feet are filthy." (Whatever, man.....I was outside barefoot, okay?! Geeeeez.) and then he said "I think you have a bone spur." (Nnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooo) The only way to fix that is with some surgery where they go in and scrape off some bone. THAT should be fun. Or not. Probably not. Let's go in and get a twofer, right? The knee and the bone spur all in one shebang. I'll be laid up in bed anyway...... Tsk.

What with some cooler weather, I've been wanting to plant stuff (and try not to kill it) I was looking up some hard to kill plants on the internet....and came across this:

Fairy Gardens! How. Freaking. Adorable. I must make one. Or two. I must. Or my life will be incomplete. That's how much in love with them I am. Let's hope I can find some pretty things to make one. That bird bath above is particularly beautiful, but I don't think I'll be finding one of those on the cheap. I've seen them made in kiddie wagons and coffee cans, so we shall see..... If you have one, send me pictures!

What else......Oh, yeah! Dog food. Homemade dog food. It is apparently exploding in popularity. (Hello.....y'all remember back in the day where people didn't buy dog food? Fido ate scraps from dinner and was perfectly happy about it...) Anyway, when I first started making my own dog food (which would probably be about 5 years ago by now...), people were like 'Well, look at Miss Snooty Pants thinking her animals are too good for plain dog food! and there she is feeding them brown rice and chicken and spinach.....that's better than some people eat!' (Yes, well.....whatever.....if I can, then why not.) At the time when I first started making it, 2 of my dogs (the Cocker Spaniel and the Golden Retriever) had ridiculous allergies. The Golden is allergic to ANY pork products. The Cocker can't have any even slightly uncooked chicken. Sooooo......rather than spend all my time and money at the vet office, I took their well being into my own hands, did my research, and here we are. They're all super healthy now. Take that, you overcharging vet offices! (Although, I will totally admit that I do keep a bag of dry food around for the times when the only edible thing in the house is a package of oatmeal. The dogs love oatmeal, but I don't think one pack can be split 4 ways and they'd be satisfied. I should mention, though.....that they eat less 'real food' than they ever ate of dog food. A quarter pound of hamburger mixed with some brown rice and some raw veggies whizzed through the processor........and they are happy campers. I feed them twice a day, though, because 1). they are big dogs and I prefer to feed them less food more often. It prevents bloat or the stomach flipping after they overdo it when they play - really bad thing. and 2). it keeps their blood sugar fairly level. I tend to keep cooked stuff to a minimum so they get more benefit from their little doggie vitamins. So. Yeah, I want to be reincarnated as a dog in my family.

Alright.....I think I've ran my trap long enough....I'm off to go refill my coffee and stare at the birds with the cat.


  1. My dogs let me sleep in. Yawn. I haven't even made coffee yet.

    I want one of those fairy gardens! How cool is that. If you make one show us all the details please.

    Ok, off to make coffee (for me) and food for the dogs.


  2. Do you cook the ground beef and rice before you process it?

  3. I am *lovin'* that Fairy Garden!!! Where did you find it?!? And like Stacy said, if you make one, can you please please please take STEP BY STEP pictures?! with explanations of everything?
    Please please pretty please?!?!?

    Damn, I am waaaay too eager...
    And I am stone-cold sober too.
    Forget all the above.
    [wandering away, shaking head, looking for a wine glass...]

  4. "Fairy Garden" - snigger :o)

  5. We always only ever fed our dogs scraps and they thrived on em! Our Jess thinks it's a real treat when we give her tidbits! I love that fairy garden! Ohh, I think I'm going to make one next year. I'm just love fairy anything!!!

  6. I love fairy gardens. I'm sure you can find some cute stuff to use. Just make sure to choose sparkley things...fairies love the shiny stuff. :)

    As for your doggies, I think more and more people are starting to realize that dry, bagged dog food isn't so great after all. Just like with people, dogs are overly sensitive to it and develop allergies.

    Hope you're having a good weekend!

    BTW, all the birds must be with you...there are virtually none here anymore, much to Autumn's dismay.

  7. Thyme might make a pretty plant for a fairy garden. I've always loved its little tiny leaves.

  8. You rock!!I Love people that make their own dog's SOOOOO much healthier for them!!

    I run a natural dog food business and people think we are nuts!! We are really the smart ones ;)

    Keep up the fabulous job!!

  9. yea what cahr said.....dod you cook it first?



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