Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Free Is My Favorite Price

PSA for the day.....

Sephora: Beauty, Skin Care, Makeup, Hair, & Fragrance

Spend $25 and get a free Kat von D tote bag. Awesomeness. She rocks. (Sephora, too...)


  1. Teehee! I got that email today, too. Now I'm thinking about what I absolutely *must* have or my life will be negatively impacted. Hmmm...

    But I did get a free eye shadow from some company (glo minerals, I think?) just for becoming a fan on Facebook. LOTS of offers like that out there, btw.

    Google "Money Saving Mom" and read. She's got tons o' goodies. She also does that once-a-month cooking stuff and they're saving up money to buy a HOUSE with CASH and they're like 70% there. I could learn something from this woman.... At this point, I don't think I could buy a pair of shoes with cash...

  2. Know anyone giving out free, after-surgery, cataract eyeglasses that will totally cover my eyebrows?

    Amy, I hope you & your family have a wonderful holiday.

  3. So... did you low-carb your way through Thanksgiving?

  4. Looking great in that picture, Amy! (Jesse needs a shave, though...)

    Free? Yeah, we like free. Definitely.

    Hope your Thanksgiving was great.


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