Monday, November 30, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY, November 30th, 2009 ...

Outside My Window... it's dark and kind of chilly. Yeah.....I said chilly. Yay, me.

I am thinking...that I hope Ryan wakes up feeling better. She had to go to the doctor today. Funky throat, aches and pains, etc. After two bags on IV fluids and a shot of muscle relaxant in the hiney, they decided she had a stomach virus. (Whaaa? how they connect that with a gross looking throat, I've no idea, but whatever.....they did the tests to make sure it wasn't the flu, so I guess that's something.)

I am thankful for...a warm house and plenty of food. That's all one can ask for, really.

From the kitchen...there was Chinese takeout for dinner. It. was. gross. Back to my low carbing tomorrow. Good thing, because all the carbs were good(ish) but they were making me feel gross. (Speaking of Chinese takeout....there is question that has been plaguing me. they give you 18 packets of duck sauce and 1 packet of hot mustard? ????????? How does that make any sense?! Does anyone actually use the duck sauce?! We never do!)

I am wearing...floral pajama pants and a long sleeve teal shirt. and socks. I love socks. (but not shoes. I really dislike shoes.)

I am creating...a nicely folded laundry pile. WooHoo! .......which reminds me I need to get up and put the clothes from the washer to the dryer - which is the main reason I'm the only one up right now...

I am poke a stick at two of my cats if they don't stop their hiss-fest.

I am catalogues! At least two a day in the post. Not like I order from any of them, but's something to do.....
I am back pain will go away. Day three now with a twinge in my lower back. Ugh....I need me some pain killers or something. I laid there and cried hysterically last night. meh.

I am hearing... the hum of the dryer....the heater kicking on....the cat snoring (she's cuddled up right behind the computer....enjoying the heat coming off....)

Around the is a mess! Christmas decorations are strewn all over the place. I tell you, this whole family is A.D.D. Nothing ever gets finished....

One of my favorite Diet Coke. or Diet Crack...whatever you want to call it.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...hopefully getting the decorations put up.....bathing the dogs....trying to find something good to cook with the out the fridge.....getting naked so my husband will give me a massage....the usual stuff.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...
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  1. Loved your daybook always Amy. I can remember when I had the five kids growing up. It seemed like there was always a pile of laundry to fold, as well as wash!!!

  2. love the picture.
    before we had our daughter I would have thought "Oh, thats nice!" but now I get it.

    and realize its more than nice.

    it's a treasure.

  3. Good luck cutting the carbs. I think carbs get something of a bad rap. Sometimes the real culprit is all the refined sugar added to so many high carb foods. I avoid the duck sauce, too!

  4. The older I get the more I find that after I eat Chinese food I wish I hadn't. Too much fat and too carbs leave me feeling ick.

    Just for you I added a Lily picture to my post.

  5. Well, duh. You jsuts revealed to me why The Gypsy wants to hunker near the computer instead of the comfy chair I have for him beside me. Heat. Makes for a bad executive assistant -- his typing isn't so hot!

  6. Things just sound nice a comfy over there. Thanks for the reminder on the laundry - I have to put mine in the dryer now.

  7. Tomorrow's my laundry day. Should have done some today but oh well! LOL

    Enjoy your evening.

  8. No one takes the duck sauce so that's why you get so much. They are trying to get it off their hands.

    I hope Ryan feels better soon.

  9. Does ANYBODY eat that nasty duck sauce? Maybe if they gave it a better name, it would get eaten more often.

    I hope Ryan's feeling better today.



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