Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'll Rise But I Won't Shine


What day is it?

The temps have been lots cooler and I have actually been able to turn the heater on. Yay.

I currently have a black eye, a swollen lip, and a twisted wrist. Boo.

Since the maladies are more interesting than the weather, here I go......

Black eye. Sacha.....being (we think) a Husky/wolf-ish mix, he enjoys his cold weather. It was in the 20s a few nights ago and he was sprawled out in bliss. I don't mind him chilling outside, but at bedtime, the dogs all come inside. Well. Sacha did not want to come inside. He ran every time I moved towards him. So, once I finally grabbed hold of his collar, he jumped up and clocked me in the eye. Nice.

Twisted wrist. I was scooping out some ice cream for Adrian the other night and my wrist popped. It didn't hurt at all at the time, but the next morning? Mary, Mother of God, I moved my wrist and just about passed out. So, now I can only do certain things, which impedes my daily business considerably. We made tamales yesterday, and I couldn't spread masa. It worked out alright, because Ryan did the masa and I did the filling, but still....I don't like not being able to do my normal stuff....

the lip. Eh....that one isn't exciting. Cold sore. I alays get one before I get a cold. Always. The good thing is that I can increase my Vitamin C and stuff so I can minimize the cold considerably.

oh, yeah....and my computer blacked out (didn't crash, but the screen went black) so I have to share Ryan's computer. Meh.

......and so begins the joy of Christmas.


  1. Awww, punkin. It's been stupid cold here the past few days. The wind chill when I got up this morning was ELEVEN DEGREES. The "real" temp was all of 23. Three o'clock in the afternoon? Barely above freezing.



  2. Things always go wrong at this time of year don't they?!!

  3. hope your cold doesn't last long...


  4. Oh honey, I'm so sorry to hear you're hurtin'. From personal experience, it makes a body feel better if you wail and gnash your teeth really really loudly. It has something to do with the chemicals in the brain---they reconfigure and dull the pain sensors and then you feel so much better. It's proven scientific fact. Go ahead now; don't be shy!

  5. O no it doesn't begin the "joy of Christmas" it begins alot more - come over and check it out, you'll probably be happily surprised.

  6. Goodness sakes alive and Christmas comes in with a bang!! It's very cold here too... no black eyes just a very groggy brain.
    Lisa in KY

  7. They say things happen in threes. This is your three, so your luck should change now! Merry Christmas Amy! Love you loads. Thanks so much for all your entertaining posts! I have loved them all! xxoo

  8. Oh My!

    Are you sure that you are'nt a battered wife? he he!

    I just read your homeschool post at the doc' kids say just the same thing...makes you scream inwardly...

    Hope you're feeling fine and dandy soon sweetie-pie...not fun...

  9. Well, today is BOUND to be a better day! If I'm going to hurt my wrist I want to do it while scooping ice cream.
    Feel better and rest up!

  10. My screen has never gone blank but my head sometimes does. Usually when...

  11. Good grief, woman!
    You're a train wreck of physical ailments! LOL

    I do hope you're feeling better though.

    My computer screen went black yesterday too. Thankfully, Doug was able to restore it...but aggghh.

    It's a warning. :P Stupid warning.



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