Friday, December 25, 2009

Saving The Best For Last

.......and so.....the chaos of Christmas gives way to enjoying the simple things in life......

like doing impossible puzzles with your peeps.... (still not finished with it, by the way....)

So......I have a story for y'all. You know that Sacha was a stray that we kept while we kept calling the Humane Society every morning to see if there was space for him that day. It seemed they never had room, so Sacha stayed. Where else was he going to go, right? During that time, I had been trying to make him a civilized member of society. No one wants a wild mangy animal, but teach them a few tricks and it ups the 'aww' factor. Whatever helped him, you know? Jesse kept asking 'Did you call today?' and every day we gave the same answer. I kept my thoughts to myself, but I loved Sacha from the get go, and he became very attached to me.

And then came the holidays........a time when the animal shelters empty out because people are adopting pets for Christmas. There should be a space for him, right?

.....but as it turned out, the space for him wasn't at the shelter.

We had opened our gifts in the morning, but Ryan brought down a present for me this evening.....

"Merry Christmas! No More!" Uhhhhh....what?

"Why are you giving me a picture of..........AREYOUSERIOUS?!" *cue tears here*

I asked Sacha if he wanted me to be his mommy.....and.....he put his paw to my hand....and licked me.
So......I think that's a 'Yes.', don't you?


  1. awww Amy, I am so happy for you and for Sacha! This really put a bit smile on my face!!

  2. That's a nice Christmas story!

  3. Oh crap, you had to make me cry didn't you (winks). I can't think of a better gift. I've always believed fate has a way of putting these gentle creatures into our lives and homes. (Hugs)Indigo

    P.S. Somehow I never thought Sacha would be leaving once he wiggled his way into your heart.

  4. One very lucky doggy, Amy. Hope you're having a great Christmas this year


  5. oh, that is so so sweet. Perfect Christmas story. I love happy endings. I haven't done a puzzle in years. Next time I go to Walmart, I'm going to pick one up... perfect for those rainy days.

    Sounds like you had a lovely christmas.

  6. If you have room for 2 lovely, beautiful, talented cats, I will fly there just to bring them to you...seriously. ~Mary

  7. I knew it! I KNEW YOU'D KEEP HIM and frankly, I couldn't be happier. In a lot of ways your Sascha reminds me of mine so I am so glad that he's there with you. Spoil him rotten. Sascha's are great dogs. I know I miss mine every single day.

  8. When I fostered George, everyone told me the same thing: "I knew you'd keep him." But I wanted to let time tell, and I still remember the exact moment when I realized he belonged with me. I wouldn't trade that moment for anything, and I'm so happy you got to have one too.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. YAY! Yayayayayayayay. I'm so glad and good for Ryan, what a great guy.

  10. Cue tears, indeed!

    This makes me so happy...and he's such a beautiful doggy.


    Congratulations on your new child.

  11. That is so sweet! I bet he's pretty thrilled to be a part of the family!

  12. I'm catching up on my reading....LOVE this post, you made me cry too!! your present...I can see why it was the best on ever congrats!! So happy he gets to have you!


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