Thursday, December 17, 2009

Somebody's Hittin' The Eggnog....

(and it ain't me because eggnog skeeves me out...)

Unrelated, those of you who have Facebook already know this, but for those that don't.......I seem to have given myself a haircut while I was on Ambien. I don't remember anything, but it doesn't look bad.

A few days ago, Ryan and I were talking....and I said "Do you think I should get bangs (fringe to my British peeps)?" Ryan said yes....and that was the end of the conversation. Until the next morning as I was coming down the stairs. I was pulling my hair up to put it in a bun.....and some of it slippd out of my hand. So, I gathered it back up again... and it slipped through my hand again. Then I glanced up and noticed some hair was over my eyes. Wait. OVER MY EYES?!?! WHY WOULD IT BE OVER MY EYES IF MY HAIR IS LO......OMG...WHY IS MY HAIR SHORT IN THE FR....."Ryan! Do I have bangs?!?!!?"

She looked at me wide eyed and nodded her head.

I raced to the bathroom and looked.....and it looked alright, but I was like "What did I.....I mean.....when....where's the evidence?!"

Well. Ryan found locks of my hair on the counter with the scissors placed neatly over it.

Maybe I should start cuffing myself to the bed after I take my meds?


  1. I like it. Mine's gotten long all over and it's been ages since I've had bangs. Ok, now that I've said that...I'm locking up the scissors in case there is a bang fairy around. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. I've been thinking of bangs . . . I think you look gorgeous! I always have. I love your festive pups!! xxoo

  3. EXCELLENT story...and I think your hair looks great! And those dogs are out of control with their cutenes.

  4. Last sentence...erm

  5. What funny Santa Doggies! Maybe you should lock up the sharp objects when you go to bed. If I had this issue, I would go to bed each night after having a long conversation about how I should deep clean the house. That way, I would clean without having to remember it the next day.

  6. I still get the giggles about this.

    I think they look fab though. So, "Go Ambien-induced hair cutting!" :D


    Blessed Yule!


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