Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When Your E Button Doesn't Work, Sometimes Things Make Less Sense

We are here at the casa trying to fend off cooties. Three were unsuccessful. One is doing what she can with copius amounts of liquor (cootie killing properties, don't you know....)

We took Adrian to the doc last night. Doc says "What grade are you in?!" Adrian says "I don't know....I'm homeschooled though...." (I'll give him that because he is in 6th grade English, but 5th grade History....so eh....) The doc says "That's cool! What kind of stuff to you do all day?!" He says "I watch TV and play video games, mostly."

*cue crickets chirping*


Then I felt like I had to say we did a child led curriculum and blah blah blah.....

Crimny. I'm going to end up in jail for educational neglect if that kind of answer gets passed around. TV and video games..... ugh. That awesome movie Earth. Hello, homeschooling. Video games...team skills.... aurgh..... I mean, the doc was in no way looking at me cross eyed (she was really nice) but still.....I about had a stroke.

Anyway, no cootie for Adrian, even though we have been passing around this same germ, it is apparently untreatable. Tsk. Oh well.....salt water rinse for everybody!


  1. Liquor definitely has more healthful benefits than salt-water--don't want high blood pressure now, do we...

  2. feeling your pain. We've had tonsillitis here for a month straight now. The kids seem over it but I just can't shake it.

    The liquor can definitely do the trick if you drink enough of it. I once went to an SCA event sick with a sore throat and drank so much I killed off the nasties and was fine the next day. Yay liquor!

  3. Well, as you know, Chey's homeschooling this year. It takes her all of about two hours to do her work for the day, so I suppose, in terms of time put in, TV and video games makes up a good part of her time, too. And reading Michael Crichton books..

  4. I'm considering doing away with grades all together. As in, "I am ten years old," not "I am in fourth grade."

  5. HOpe you all are better soon. Just FYI I am homeschooling Lily. So far she can sit, eat, walk, fetch, dance, and lay down. What grade does that put her in?

  6. When people ask Brandon what he likes about homeschooling he replies, " TV and videogames" You're not the only one! LOL

  7. Don't feel bad, my kids are in "regular" school and they'd probably answer the same way. I also believe in the same germ killing methods for adults :-)

  8. LMAO!

    Oh my. Yea, I probably would have had a stroke too. :D


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