Thursday, January 21, 2010

Don't Bite The Hand......

......that feeds you.

We've all heard the saying, right?

Well, apparently, Sacha has not.

Sure, he's all cute and 'Mommyyyyyyy' here, but put a hand next to his food bowl and Satan visits me.

All of our dogs have done that at one point in their dog lives, but it happened once, maybe twice. Nipped it in the bud right quick. Sacha seems a little more stubborn. Beastly animal bit me. Twice. Of course, I couldn't just let him bite me and have me retreat, so I had to keep on with him....which sucked. Then I had to take his food bowl away, and feed him by hand. I don't mind having to work with my babies, but damn it....why don't people socialize and train their animals from the get-go?!


  1. You know, my big dog, who is an absolute pig, will let me take his food, put my hand in his food bowl, just generally mess around. He also shares with the little terrier pup. That pup, though, is having none of this "sharing" stuff. The little bitch will actually growl at Remy when he's sharing *his food with her* and he wants a bite. Can you believe it?

    I'm not having any of that crap, so she does occasionally hate me for what I do to train her out of that behavior (she's never shown any aggression to humans at all), but she'll get over it. SHE WILL.

    Little brat...

  2. Pickles is the total oppisite. It took forever to get her to trust me enough to take a milkbone from my hand. The cats would take over her water dish and wouldn't let her get near it. Finally I convinced her to stand up for herself and nudge them out of the way.

    Sometimes they can be overly trained and it'll work in the oppisite direction.

    Sacha loves you, he'll get it right, sooner or later. Hopefully before you lose a finger or two. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Why would they socialize and train a dog that they planned to dump?

  4. Sorry Sacha is not behaving. Angel was so abused she's timid of everything. It's just a battle to pick her up never mind her food. Luckily, it took about a week to break her of food aggression. I started by making her watching me eat a food she could have, baby carrots, and then I would give her one. I continued this for a while and eventually it worked. Hopefully, Sacha learns that you're not taking his food away. Being dumped probably made it very hard for him. He probably gobbles up the food out of survival instincts. He needs to eat fast because he couldn't be just distracted by food.

  5. Hoping that Sacha learns his lesson soon! Our Jess is so gentle. You can put a cookie down on the carpet right in front of her nose and she won't touch it if you don't tell her she can have it!

  6. I didn't understand the "why" of this... Until I read Rachel say; "Why would they socialize and train a dog that they planned to dump?"

    This dog is a rescued dog.

    Isn't it dangerous to rescue a grown dog? I suppose your answer is... yes it is but you choose to do it.

  7. That's how Sara has to feed me. If she comes anywhere near my dinner plate I'll have her fingertips off!

  8. I'm sure Sacha is worth it. I'm still so glad you got to keep him.

    By the way, I tag you. Details over at mrpeene.

  9. ((Amy))
    My Yager has done the same thing. So after years of watching Cesar Milan and his shows, personally trying different things on my own that didn't work, now I immediately put him in submission--on his belly and leave the food where it is. He has to earn it back. Cesar Milan is a smart man! He quickly learns that it's not acceptable. He doesn't do it anymore but he does try to get huffy if I fuss with him. Like clean his ears, his feet, check him out or if he has an ear infection and I have to give him medicine. So if he gets huffy (only sometimes) I put his "illusion collar" on or a muzzle and get it done. With the illusion collar he doesn't pull any nonsense--the muzzle is a last resort or if we have to go to the vet. He is a big dog at 130 lbs. I'd rather be safe than sorry. But when were out walking he is on his best behavior and I have control or I'd never take him out. I trained him and we worked really hard on that. And your right, more people should take the time and control their dogs. It not only brings you closer to your loved pet and they actually love/need it, but it's the safe thing to do :)
    Sacha is so beautiful! Love that picture :)
    Hugs, Gayla

  10. This all sounds very brave to me.
    I guess I am just a big chicken.
    Clearly you are an expert at this, and I am anxious to learn more.


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  12. Say what? Clearly I am way behind. When did you get this gorgeous animal? Or maybe my MS is kicking in and making me senile? Nah, I don't think so. You snuck this one in on me. Beautiful dog!


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