Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not Quite Cesar

In the previous post's comments, Laura said:

This all sounds very brave to me. I guess I am just a big chicken. Clearly you are an expert at this, and I am anxious to learn more.

Well, Laura, here's the truth. Brave, no. Stupidly persistent, yes. Heh....

Since I have little kids over here alot, I want to make sure all of my dogs won't spaz out if a kid wanders past their food dish. Gordo and Paco are the big dogs, and they're like 'Eh....whatever. Touch my dish, I slobber all over your face. Win/Win.' Sophie, being a little Cocker Spaniel is offended by anyone glancing at her while she eats, and she will just walk away.....but you know...if you touch her, she's like 'What? Who? More food?' Sacha, on the other hand, will freeze if you touch him while he's eating. Like full on freeze and give you the hairy eyeball.

I should note that this behavior is NOT with Jesse. Sacha did that whole 'don't touch me' thing with Jesse and Jesse grabbed him by the scruff on the neck and that was the end of that. Unfortunately, I'm not quick enough to grab him and when he sees my hand coming.....Shoooommm.......he's gone.

.........and sooooo........this morning was spent with a mucky hand cupping food while he ate out of my hand. Ew.

I guess I have to remember that even Cesar Milan gets bit every once in a while.


  1. Scooter is very good when it comes to dinner time. Ever since he was a puppy, we put him in a sit/stay, then put his food down, and then give him the command that it's 'time' to go eat. That way he knows that we're in charge. If for some reason we need to interrupt him in the middle of eating, we say 'Stop!' he stops, looks at us as if to say "Really? You're interruting my dinner?" and then we can get to the bowl w/o any issues.
    I don't know how trained Sacha is, but it may be worth a try.
    Good luck. :-)

  2. You sound like Carrie, lol. She is such a germaphobe. She makes it so easy for us to tease her. I know. I know. We are mean. But it's sooooooo fun to be mean sometimes, although she probably doesn't think so. Hee...


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