Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... January 11th, 2010 (I'm a day late, aren't I?!)

Outside my window... It's still cold-ish here (what in the world....it was in the teens in South Texas!) but the sun is out, so it feels good....

I am thinking... it's so cute that my daughter is so excited that the little boy she babysits is eating oatmeal. He has not been eating much lately, and she worries...

I am thankful for... my super-awesome husband.

I am wearing... jeans and a t shirt...it's cleanin' time!

I am remembering... when Ryan was 5 years old and she wanted to put a bazillion little barrettes in her hair. Hee....

I am going... nowhere. Not that I know of, anyway. Jesse is working like a pack mule lately, so when he gets home, I want to just stay at home with him.....

I am currently reading... a cookbook 'Girl Scout Stew'. It's hilarious.

I am hoping... that I swept up all the glass. Small Fry (who is not so small anymore) just broke a glass.

On my mind... Ryan is in a baking mood, so cake is on my mind.

Noticing that... the pollen here lately has been through the roof. All of us have had sinus craziness lately.

Pondering these words... "Not everyone is a pack leader with humans. But anyone can be a pack leader with animals." -Cesar Milan

From the kitchen... ACK! I forgot to take something out for dinner!

Around the house... I am on some kind of cleaning binge. The crap I have in this house is ridiculous.

One of my favorite things...the jewelry Jesse bought me. I've been wanting some jewelry with special meaning, because most of my jewelry is just stuff I've picked up here and there....nothing too expensive....but a few nights ago, Jesse surprised me with some baubles. I haven't taken them off.

A picture I'm sharing...

I am coveting this sofa from Rachel Ashwell. Our sofa is hanging on for dear life, so I'm in the market for a new one. I love the slipcover business, too. That way, I won't have to worry when the dogs try to get up there...

~The Simple Woman's Daybook~ has more Daybookers....and they were on time. Heh.... Check it, y'all...


  1. My sofa is probably over 15 years old. I got it free from the last place I rented before I bought my house. I've been living here over 10 years, lived at the last place over a year and it was already quite old then. It has old pillows and a plank of wood under the seat just to keep it relatively level.

    Reading this back I really need a new sofa!

  2. I really enjoy your "daybook" entries. And you get extra credit for mentioning Cesar.
    ::excuse me while I have a moment::

  3. I agree with Donna... you quoted Cesar. That sofa is really nice. The way it is arranged looks totally inviting.

    Hope you had a great day.

  4. I soo enjoy your day book entries Amy! I would love a new sofa as well, one that I picked out. Todd bought our last one on a whim one day when he went to a shop to pick up some ink for the computer. White leather. ugh . . . it has no personality!

  5. That sofa looks super comfy. Jim and I bought a new sofa a few years ago, and between ordering it and having it delivered, Scooter came into our lives. Who knew that he'd develop a taste for 'sofa'? Needless to say, teething puppies and brand spankin' new furniture don't mix. :-)

  6. That was so sweet of him to get you jewelry!

    And that cake sounds good. Maybe I need to put it on my list to ponder some cake today, maybe even make one.

  7. I think January tends to bring out the organizer/housekeeper in we women. Must be something to do with the new year. And all the magazines that focus on this as soon as the holidays are past. Here's hoping for warmer weather in Texas!

  8. Awww...I wish my husband would buy me baubles.

    And that couch...to die for!

    It's beautiful. Although with small children, I'm thinking white would probably not be my color of choice. ;)

  9. (((Amy)))
    I just found the "A Simple Woman's Daybook". Love this idea! Is there a certain day of the week for this to be posted?
    A few years back when we are on the market for a new couch, we splurged and bought a beautiful, comfortable and both sides recline leather sofa! Love, Love and Love it!! We also bought a "big recliner" for hubby and it's the best thing after a hard days work.I've never owned leather furniture before because I thought I would always be sticking to it and it wouldn't hold up. Wrong! You totally don't stick to it, actually the opposite. And the set is now 5 years old and looks new :) So just something to think about if you're interested in something like that :)
    Really great entry Amy :)

    Enjoy the day~

  10. Whaaaaat? You bought your sofa about the time I bought mine because I was jealous your's had the drink holders and was wondering why I didn't hold out for that! :)


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