Monday, January 25, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... January 25th, 2010
Outside my window... Sunshiney and chilly. I'm getting tired of dragging my plants in and out and in and out, so I'll be glad when the weather evens out.
I am thinking... how I'm getting a bit tired of worrying about what I eat, if I'm dieting right, how much I weigh. Ugh....SO tired of it.
I am thankful for... a husband who has a secure good paying job.
I am wearing... jeans and a grey shirt...
I am remembering... Saturday....I went out for lunch (Turkish food) and shopping with my mom and she took me to a store I had never been to. Me & My House. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Actually, I told one of the ladies that I would like to be locked in that store for the rest of my life....that's how awesome it was.
I am going... to do a little shopping at the grocery store and make a doctors appt. for Ryan. I'm also in the process of creating a post. I was tagged by mrpeenee.
I am currently reading... nothing...although I've been doing word search puzzles alot lately....
I am hoping... I get an energy spurt later so I can clean the mess I call a kitchen.
On my mind... I'm not stressed, but my shoulders are so tight, they're almost up to my ears.
Noticing that... the little boy Ryan babysits found the Hershey's kiss I hid in one of my treasure boxes for him. :)
Pondering these words... Be the person your dog thinks you are.
From the kitchen... chili dogs last idea for tonight, though...
Around the house... I've been spring cleaning. The things I find in boxes...yikes.
One of my favorite things... the back of a baby's neck. Irresistable.
A picture I'm sharing...
Hahaaaaa....I love it when I get pictures of the dogs with their tongues sticking out.
.........there's my Daybook for this Monday. Go to ~The Simple Woman's Daybook~ to see more Daybookers!


  1. Imagine if Miss Amy and Miss J (And all the other weight-worriers) could channel that dieting energy into some alternative power source... there'd be solar, wind and "I'm not dieting anymore" energy to fuel the world!

  2. Hey sorry, but sure enough you were set to not be able to follow. How you got to be the ONLY one out of over 800 followers heaven only knows...SO you are good to go now. Sorry.

  3. I really enjoy reading these posts! Its like a lil clip of a reality show! lol :)

  4. Weight. Blah.
    It's annoying.

    LOVE that picture. It's classic. :)

  5. Love the picture Amy.
    My husband spring cleans all my boxes. I can't bear to part with anything. lol
    Jeanie xxx

  6. These posts are just wonderful -- and so if your dog!

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  8. Is that Jesse's box of toys?


  9. Aww...I'm sorry to hear about your Thanksgiving turkey. It's those moments that make us human...hehe!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    Cute picture, too!

  10. Delightful. I caught myself smiling with familiarity the whole time.

  11. "I am thinking... how I'm getting a bit tired of worrying about what I eat, if I'm dieting right, how much I weigh. Ugh....SO tired of it."

    But... Doesn't this *Rule* get stamped in every female mind, the moment she is born? -chuckle-

    That is one perk of getting old though... One doesn't worry about this, with the same intensity.

    Later, it'd done for health. When it's done for health, it's not such a chore, as when it's done for...... "Because younger women *must* look a certain way." :-)

  12. That pic is worth a thousand words. Too cute!


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