Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Maybe Those Ashes Will Burn The Hate Out Of Her

To set the background for this blog entry.....

.......I'm sitting here at the table in front of the computer, Ryan and Jesse are on the couch staring at some show on TV, and Adrian is standing at the end of the table serving himself some juice.

I said "Hey....have y'all thought about what you're giving up for Lent?"

Jesse and Ryan said "Hummm........"

Adrian said "That's for me, too, right?" (because kids are excluded from fasting or giving up meat on Fridays during Lent)

"Sure...." I said. "What do you want to give up?"

He said "Well.........what kinds of things do people usually give up?"

I said "Lots of people give up things like chocolate or coke or some such, but you're supposed to give up something that is a sacrifice for you....and not complain about it."

He thought about it for a minute and said "I could give up my chicken nuggets...."

.......and I started to tear up. Chicken nuggets are 'everything' to that boy, and for him to knowingly, willingly give them up proves to me that he understands what sacrifice is and he's okay with it.

Then Ryan says "Gosh, Adrian....why do you have to be all cute and perfect and making Mom 'awwwww' all over you?!"

Adrian said "Geez....you're so filled with hate today, Ryan!"



  1. What a sweet boy you have! And, they even have that new special Olympic sauce. That is a real sacrifice.

  2. Amy, I just love reading about your family. They always make me smile. xxoo

  3. Heee :o) Adrian is funny, and well done him for the sacrifice of his chicken nuggets. I'd like to see my J give up something that precious, but somehow I doubt that I ever will!

  4. One year a friend of mine gave up Bacon Bits for lent. Bacon Bits!


  5. I think he gets it! What a smart boy! Have a good Wednesday.

  6. Aww, what a sweetie.

    As you know, we are not a particularly religious family. I'm pagan (with a small "p") but until the kids are older and know when to keep their mouths shut about it, I'm not really bringing them into it in any specific way. My middle girl was with me running errands today and she kept seeing people with ashes on their foreheads. That led to a nice little talk and a "Gee, Mom, you know eeeeverything!" moment, which is pretty awesome. :D

  7. I am giving up being sarcastic...

  8. Now that's really cute! I'm going to practice my Random Acts of Kindness during Lent. It seems like anything that matters to me enough to give up is something I should give up anyway (or can't, like the cat). But while going out of my way to help others anonymously isn't exactly sacrifice (except for financially), it feels like it can benefit someone more than me.

    Having said that, chicken nuggets -- that's pretty huge!

  9. I always give up alcohol, my oldest son gives up soda and candy, my little one - he's giving up saying bad words. The boy has a mouth that would make a trucker blush! LOL!

  10. Hahahahaha...gotta love that kid. Tell Ryan not to be such a hater! Hee...


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