Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... March 23rd, 2010 (even though I should have done this yesterday!)

Outside my window...it feels wonderful! The sun is out and there's a cool breeze. In the shade it's a little chilly, though. I can hear the kids at the school behind my house screaming and running around. I can always judge the morning by glancing out the windo and see what the kids are wearing.
I am thinking...that I should probably go do some laundry. Jesse's employer probably doesn't want him to come to work without pants on.
I am thankful for...a lazy day today. The house is mostly clean, so nothing really needs that much of my attention.
I am wearing...jeans and a Harry Potter shirt.
I am remembering...Sunday at church. Our priest sounded lik Nacho Libre. Do y'all know how hard it was to listen when I was giggling in my head like an idiot?!
I am going...to my friend's house later. She just moved in to her first house ever.
I am currently reading...a cookbook. Who wants a pineapple chiffon pie?! Jesse loves pineapple, so I'm thinking I'll make one for him.
I am hoping...that I will suddenly drop 40 lbs by May. Of course, no work should be involved with that. It should just miraculously melt off.
On my mind...what I'm going to do with my hair. I'd like some highlighting for the summer (and also to cover this grey) but I don't want to go spend $15.00 for a kit where I would only use it for one highlight strip.
Noticing that...I'm feeling better pain-wise since I started taking Naprelan. That's pretty awesome. It's a beast of a pill, but it's worth it, I think.
Pondering these words... "Why do I have to always make everybody else happy?! What about my happiness?! - Ryan
From the kitchen... burritos and mexican rice last night for dinner. Chicken alfredo tonight. Eh....it's from a jar, but I doctor it up.....
Around the house... the back yard needs some help. Good gravy, it needs help. One more week of looking at a messy yard is going to make me insane. It's Spring! I need pretties!!
One of my favorite things.....raindrops on roses. :)
A picture I'm sharing...meh. My slacker child hasn't loaded any new pictures for me, so no pictures for you.
~The Simple Woman's Daybook~ <--go and have a look about! Since I'm a day late, there are alot of links already there to browse though. (because we alllll need more blogs to read, right?)


  1. OK Amy, you're a hoot! Great daybook today. By the way, you aren't a day late. Peggy changed the posting date to Tuesday because everyone is so busy on Monday mornings. Not only that she says we can post any day! I'm even later than you. Love your blog, I'll be back!

  2. I so want to be able to eat chicken alfredo and be able to lose weight. If you figure out how to do that will you please write a book about it!

  3. Burritos sound mighty good to me. I'll be right over!! (oh that I cold!) xxoo

  4. Nice to find your blog. You are from my old home town :)

  5. After enjoying your comments on my blog and Jennifer JJ's, it's so nice to learn a few things about you- thanks for humoring me and answering my questions. I enjoy your sense of humor immensely:-).

  6. A harry potter shirt???

  7. Love your outfit! And yes I would like some pineapple chiffon pie. I'm sure it is very low-cal because "chiffon" means it is made of air, right? Mmmmm....pineapple flavored air.

  8. ::checks calendar::

    You're late for this week's daybook thingie. Tsk.


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