Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I never thought my 1,000th post would be about cauliflower.

That being said, I got quite a few comments/emails asking about the mashed cauliflower....there are quite a few variations, but here's Jesse's recipe:

First, he boils a head of cauliflower (cut up....flowerettes) until it's tender. Then it gets drained well. You don't want any water in it or it won't have a good texture. (You could steam it instead.....which would minimize the worrying about water in them) He adds about 8 oz of whipped cream cheese and 'butter to taste'. (When he said 'butter to taste', I pressured him to give me a more exact measurement and he said "I probably add almost equal parts of cream cheese and butter." WHATTHE.....that is alot of butter! Anyyyyyway....) The last thing is garlic salt (a good sprinkle) and fajita seasoning. We get ours from here: Bolner's Fiesta Fajita Seasoning Products ...... I haven't tasted any other brand that I love as much as this one, and it's delicious on any meats as well. I put that stuff on almost everything.

So there you are. I really hope y'all make it. It's so good and hey, at least you're getting more vegetables in your diet. (Although, I'm pretty sure the butter and cream cheese kinda negate some of the health benefit.... it's okay for us because we're eating low carb right now)


  1. I am so making these. Thanks for sharing the recipe. They sound amazing. Do you know if you can eat these during induction?

  2. Cauliflower in any way shape or form works for me! I just love the stuff!!

  3. Thank you Amy!
    ...though, now i'm not sure i want the recipe, what with all the cream cheese & butter... i *thought* it was gonna be a healthy recipe 'cause of all that cauliflower...
    Oh Well! I'll try it anyway!

  4. WOW! 1000 posts, that's a feat! Funny, I think you were one of my very first blog friends and I'm so glad you stopped by the other day! xoxoxc

  5. I know I won't try this, not because I don't like the vegetable but because I'm lazy and old. I did enjoy reading it, however.

  6. That sounds like a delicious recipe Amy!! Thanks for sharing!! I have a lot of catching up to do in blogs!!
    Lisa in KY


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