Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... May 4th, 2010

Outside my window... it's bright and sunny. I haven't stuck my nose out the door to see if it's hot or not. I'm feeling like today may be a 'stay in the house and nap' kind of day.

I am thinking... about the fact that we picked an alterations shop out of the phone book to get a few things altered. Well. When we went in there, I am guessing she does not get many visitors, because we were there for almost an hour. She talked and talked. Eh....she was a little strange, but I'm sure she went home feeling like somebody cared....

I am thankful for... the birds chirping outside my window. I always know when the feeder is empty. One of the birds does a kamikaze move and flies into my glass door. I wonder how they elect the one to do that.

I am wearing... jeans and my pajama shirt. Hee.....I'm half dressed and ready for whichever way the day goes....

I am remembering... Heeeee......I'm here trying to think what I'm remembering. That in itself does not bode well.

I am going... to clean the kitchen. I didn't do the dishes yesterday in the hopes that maybe someone else would take over. Meh.

I am currently reading... a Southern Living magazine. I just have not had my wits about me enough to concentrate on a real book lately.

I am hoping... that by staying inside today, my allergies won't make me look like I've been in a boxing match. Swollen eyes and a runny nose. That's dead sexy, innit?!

On my mind... is the mess around the house. If it wasn't so dang hot out, I'd be making myself a nice big bonfire.

Noticing that... there are quite a few people in the neighborhood talking about moving. ::smells self:: Do I offend?

Pondering these words... "It's a shame my Prince Charming is only 2." ~Ryan

From the kitchen... Sloppy Joes for dinner tonight. Jesse hates them, though, so he'll be having leftovers....carne guisada and flour tortillas

Around the house... it's very quiet. Ahhhhh, the peace and quiet....

One of my favorite things...is when Jesse comes home and says "Let's go out to eat. Go get ready."

A picture I'm sharing... what the......wow....I am slacking on my picture taking lately! I got nothin'! Boo, me.

........and so ends today's Daybook. I hope you enjoyed my yakking. :-P Go check out ~The Simple Woman's Daybook~ for more Daybookers...


  1. I always like reading your Daybook entries. Have a good rest of your week.

  2. Your daybook made me smile--I enjoyed reading it! I hope you are having a great week. Happy Mother's Day! ~Karen

  3. have you ever tried a neti pot? I got one called sinucleans from Walgreens, it helps my allergies so much!!!

  4. "I didn't do the dishes yesterday in hopes that someone else would do them"... ARE YOU ON CRACK?

    Hilarious! Note to self: No person in my house will ever do the dishes while I'm still breathing...ummm that's because they have no clue...

    First we would run out of dishes... then they would just start drinking out of cartons and using lids for spoons...

    It's a nice dream though...

  5. lol well you can only live in hope that someone else will realize what the sink is for :D


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