Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... May 18th, 2010

Outside my window... is blinding sunshine. Odd, considering the weather idiots said it was going to be pouring rain for the next three days. Tsk. Got me all excited for nothing. Althoughhhhh.....last night, around 9 or so, I noticed some lightning. Then a little more lightning.... and then I was like 'Whaaa? Are we having a tropical storm?! AWESOME!' My potted orange tree went flying, the basketball hoop fell over, and glass shattered. That....was not so awesome, but eh.... Oh....then the power flickered and the kids freaked out. 10 minutes later it poured. 5 minutes after that, it was like nothing had ever happened except for the fact that I had glass all over my patio.

I am thinking... about how incredibly sad I am that my Zely got put in daycare. I hate daycare with a passion and see no need for it when you have a bazillion family members who wants to be with your kid every day (and they're FREE!).

I am thankful for... three amazingly wonderful kids. Really. (Remind me of this when I bust Alex looking at somthing on YouTube that he shouldn't be looking at.)

I am wearing... brown capris and a pink patterned shirt. (Whaaa? No jeans?! I KNOW!)

I am remembering... how beautiful my daughter looked when she went out after prom with her cousin. I can't believe I made that child. (Well, not by myself.....)

I am going... nowhere, because I gots no moolah. Wait....maybe I'm going to WalMart. I think I need a pair of shorts......(walking shorts! My big thighs do not need to be exposed to the world!)

I am currently reading... a book about the Proverbs 31 woman. Kinda slow reading, but I'll get through it.....

I am hoping... for something. Hope along with me, please.

On my mind... is the fact that when we go to Indiana, I will be away from all my animals. I mean, yeah, my mom is gonna be here taking care of them, but still.... :(

Noticing that... my shirt has a built in bra. Awesome.

Pondering these words... eh.....

From the kitchen... Italian sausage cacciatore with zucchini for dinner last night.....not sure for tonight. I have stew meat in the fridge, so we'll see what I figure out....

Around the house...eh....nothing new. Same old same old. Mess, mess, here.....mess, mess, there.....here a mess.....there a mess.....everywhere a mess mess.....

One of my favorite things...is that long slow sigh from my dogs when they settle next to me and close their eyes.

A picture I'm sharing...
Ignoring the mess I am, I love how his little face is all happy looking...
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  1. You're so funny! My thighs sure don't need to see the light of day. I have 4 pairs of denim capris just for that very reason! My Hubby says I'm the color of milk. Nobody wants to see that!

  2. I haven't worn shorts in years. That would mean I have to shave my legs. lol Love the picture of you and your pup at the end. That is bliss, on both counts! Great daybook as always Amy! xxoo

  3. I enjoyed this 'Day Book ' entry.
    I also loved the photo of you and one of your 'sigher's on your lap.
    Sigh! I remember when I had a dog and his long sighs as he laid down for a rest. Bless him! Memories indeed.
    Hugs to you.
    Jeanie xxxxxxx

  4. Awww....look at that big bay. Cartoon love hearts are just popping right out of his sweet head.
    <3 <3 <3

  5. Sascha is so cute. How's he doing training wise?

  6. Your dog is so cute! I love the background of your blog, it's so pretty!

  7. That sounds like an exciting downpour!! Hope the glass was easy to clean up and nothing too terribly expensive.... loved all the nice thoughts... I love reading Proverbs 31!! To emulate just a few things from that chapter is progress for all of us wives and mothers. I have a lotta blogs to catch up in! I have finally been able to post a few entries of late. Kinda blows my mind LOL. I actually had the need for a writing break for a long while there. Yeah, me. I know?! Right? Like wow. Shorts... I'm not even going to go there!!! LOL. I am not brave enough yet, nor in shape enough yet. I will have to suffer without....
    Lisa in KY


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